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Craft website - 10 professional tips for a successful website

You want with your Craft operation reach more customers online? With our 10 expert tips do you make sure that the Craft website Your company Google is found and you convince potential customers.


Most craft establishments now have their own Website represented on the Internet. In order for customers to find their way to your company online, it is important that your website is in the Search results shows up high on Google. If you follow our 10 tips for the Marketing and design Yours Craft website take heart, more new customers will find their way to you in the future.


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- Tip 1: Clear name of the website
- Tip 2: customer-friendly design
- Tip 3: easy contact
- Tip 4: Highlight your special features
- Tip 5: Show your references
- Tip 6: Introduce your team
- Tip 7: Tell your company history
- Tip 8: Customer feedback brings transparency
- Tip 9: Responsive design
- Tip 10: Show your company on Google Maps
- Our tips summarized again

Tip 1: Clear name of the website

The first step to ensure that your company is in the Internet Is found by customers is a meaningful domain for your website. The domain is the address of the page, it is unique and should match your company. This should include the handicraft industry, the name of the company and your location. For example, if your company is a drywall construction company, a suitable address for the website could be www.trockenbau-mustermann-duesseldorf.de. Google's bots first read your address. From this address they already know that your company is based in the Düsseldorf region, deals with drywall construction and what it is called. If someone in Düsseldorf and the surrounding area is now looking for drywall, your domain Schonmal matches their request.

Tip 2: customer-friendly design

Customer-friendly design is divided into two areas: that Screen and the Content design. The screen design determines the appearance of the website and should suit the company. The screen designer lays in the first layout for example the colors and fonts of the website. If a company always works with certain company colors and logos, these should also be found on the website. The same goes for special fonts. Many companies use a continuous font for their texts, from stationery to advertising posters. Therefore, this should also ensure recognition value in the network. However, not every font is suitable for display and legibility on the screen. Professional screen designers naturally know what works online and what should be avoided. In addition, the header and the type of menu navigation are specified in the screen design. Everything together must be designed in such a way that the user likes to stay on the page and can find his way around easily. The Overall design should be designed in such a way that it fits the industry, but still differs well from competing sites

The content design deals with the content.
Customers want on-line be informed quickly and clearly when they visit your website. You should not be distracted by annoying phrases or well-intentioned "greetings" on the Internet. The faster they do the important information on your company's website, the more likely the customers will get stuck on your website. For a customer it is important which services the craftsman offers, in which region or city he works, how much it costs and how the customer offers the craftsman to contact can. When setting up a website on the Internet, the following applies of course: A picture is worth a thousand words. Professional Reference photos on the homepage catch the customer's gaze, attract attention and set your company apart from the competition.

Tip 3: easy contact

Have the information from the craftsman to the customer on-line convinced, he would like to make an appointment quickly or clarify any open questions about his order. The best way to do this is through a direct one Contact. Therefore, there must be an opportunity to contact us on the home page. This can be done via a telephone number or an email address. Long contact forms with many fields are more of a distraction. A description of how to get there should not be missing for personal contact and transparency.

A popular way to encourage visitors to contact you is through a Call to action button. Almost every website now has one. It attracts users' attention and encourages them to click. The button does not only consist of the actual button, but has accompanying elements that guide the user to the button. Above the button with the inscription "Contact now!" The note "Get a free offer without obligation!" Can appear. This takes away the fear of the user that by clicking on the button he is entering into some kind of contract that he cannot cancel. Another text can be placed under the button to convey security to the user. For example: "We treat your data confidentially and do not pass it on to third parties." Additional elements can be added to the button that can induce the user to click. For example positive customer opinions, star ratings or seals and logos from quality assurance organizations such as Trusted Shops.

Tip 4: highlight your special features

If your Companies Has special features and unique selling points compared to the competition, then display them on the start page. These can be, for example, special services, work techniques or a 24-hour emergency call.

Tip 5: show your references

No matter which Craft, it is always important for your marketing to have photos of reference projects on the website. The customer can see quickly whether the craftsman is suitable for his project. The references should represent the entire spectrum of the company. It must be clear to the customer whether your company takes on smaller orders, only works on an industrial scale or is the right contact person for orders of any size.

Tip 6: introduce your team

Craftsmen often work in the private sphere of their customers. You put yourself and that team Your company on the Website sympathetic, the willingness increases, yours Employee to let into the home or the company. Every employee should therefore be presented with at least one professional photo. The customer thus has a picture of the craftsman in front of their eyes on the Internet.

Tip 7: Tell your company history

Your business has a long tradition, the company is already in the third generation? Then a brief overview of the company's history should be on the website. A well-written text ensures that the customer builds a bond with your company. In addition, he stays longer on the Website, that improves the ranking at Google.

Tip 8: Customer feedback brings transparency

If your customers are satisfied with your craft, so should your website visitors. To yours credentials you should add positive statements from the client. This strengthens the positive perception of your company externally. It is also possible to include Google reviews. Of course, this carries the risk of a bad rating. Don't panic as long as negative reviews don't get the better of you. It is important that the site operator reacts to the negative reviews and answers them objectively. Such things usually arise from misunderstandings and can be clarified quickly. Other users then see directly that the operator is accepting the criticism.

Tip 9: responsive design

More and more searches are coming from Smartphones. Most people are today mobile online. You browse the Internet with your smartphone or tablet on the way to work or at home from the sofa. The design of your website should therefore also be designed for mobile use. So find Customers Your company can also be set up quickly on the go, and you have an advantage over your competition. It is very frustrating for users when they visit a website that does not display correctly on their smartphone or tablet. Google recognized that too. More search queries are now coming from mobile devices than from desktop PCs. Hence, Google has the Mobile First Index launched, which is to be implemented in 2018. This means that websites that are not optimized for mobile use are devalued by Google and therefore fall in the ranking. Optimization for mobile devices includes, for example, that the data volume must be reduced in order to reduce loading times. The responsivation of a website is completely new programming, but it is worthwhile. The SEO experts at the Media Company will be happy to advise you.

Tip 10: Show your company in Google Maps

Clients often look for theirs Craftsman in the vicinity. Create one for your company My Business Account at Google. Customers can find you quickly via Google Maps, see your contact options there and leave feedback. If you react to criticism, you also increase your transparency and create trust with customers. With the account you will be shown preferentially for local results. You can also do one Snippet next to the search results. There you can insert the most important information about your company. This includes address, contact options, opening times and reviews. You also have the option of creating a 360 ° tour of your company to make yourself more interesting for customers.

Our tips summarized again

Well done Website is found better on Google and wins more customers. The design should be clear and appealing. The customer must be able to find his way around the website quickly and receive answers to his most urgent questions directly. Well visible contact details enable him to Craftsman to be reached quickly for an order placement. References and photos show the capabilities of the Operating and should be visible to the website visitor at first glance. The special features that set the company's services apart from its competition should be immediately recognizable. Pictures of the craftsmen team and the company's history make the company likeable and the customer builds a bond. Customer feedback on the website and on Google Maps increases the tradesman's transparency and creates trust. With a responsive design of the website you can do even more Customers to your website as the number of mobile search queries increases steadily.

More marketing in the social networks

In addition to our 10 tips, they also help Social networks in the process of gaining new customers. You can get an insight into the Everyday business give, communicate directly with your customers and answer inquiries. Photos from current projects strengthen the corporate image and serve as additional references. The ability to share posts on social media increases the Range Your site and that makes it easier for customers to recommend your company to others. It is important that the social media channels are regularly fed with content. In addition to topics from everyday craftsmanship or information about special campaigns, internal events, for example company parties, can also be used as topics to promote the Companies to be presented positively. A page in the social networks must provide the client with the most important information at first glance. This includes: industry, location, contact options and a link to the company's website. The visual design must be such that the company is recognized again and again, regardless of whether the customer is on the website or on a social media page of your company.

However, optimizing a website takes some time. If you are looking for support, the Media Company team will be happy to assist you. Thanks to numerous projects that have already been successfully implemented, our experts are familiar with the craft and look forward to meeting entrepreneurs in the development or further development of a successful web presence and the right ones Online marketing measures bring forward. Contact us now and generate successful business!

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