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Short films in class

With their short duration, short films are not only practical for school, but also meet a basic requirement of film aesthetics education: to be able to show a film initially without directing pedagogical attention. A guide for practice.
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Land without Evil

Blossoms open, hummingbirds zoom in, a snake winds its way through the grass: Land without Evil visualizes a day in the rainforest that is staged in great detail using stop-motion technology with paper and textile fibers.
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The French "patouiller" means something like "manschen" or "patschen". In poetic-minimalist images that are reminiscent of children's drawings, the film tells how a young person explores nature in a playful way.
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The moon and me

The short film, which was awarded a Grimme Prize, starts with an everyday experience of children: Those who cannot fall asleep can still dream themselves into a fantasy story.
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Monster symphony

The fear of monsters that hide in the dark forest or in the basement, that live under beds or in closets, is familiar to many children. But in the cartoon by Kiana Naghshineh, the monsters are tamed in no time by a little girl.
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Nora in New York

Nora is hard of hearing and blind in one eye. With the support of her parents and teachers, she can still attend a regular comprehensive school. The documentary impressively conveys how she perceives her everyday life - and what she dreams of.
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The ball

When Amy is playing soccer alone on the street, she meets the shy boy next door, Jack. However, the two children cannot talk to each other. The film shows that people don't always need words to meet.

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Methods of film work

Suggestions for working with films in class