Consumers should wait for iPad 3

11 “iPad Pro: So you should wait to buy

With the iPad Pro, Apple announced a powerhouse at the April event. For the first time in history, Apple has installed a chip in a tablet that is also used in Macs such as the 24 "iMac, the 13" MacBook Pro, MacBook Air and Mac min, where it has already achieved top marks in terms of efficiency. The company promises a long battery life, while even highly complex applications should run smoothly.

In addition, the greater proximity to the Mac allows another function: Thunderbolt 3. Apple is adding the particularly fast Thunderbolt 3 specification to the previous USB-C connection with USB 3. This will allow you to connect devices such as Thunderbolt docks, the Pro Display XDR and other Mac accessories in the future. This sounds very tempting, of course.

11 "iPad Pro: Unfortunately a special case

Even if the new M1 chip with Thunderbolt alone is a good reason to buy, you shouldn't order the new iPad Pro in the 11 "version too quickly. In most respects it is identical to the 12.9" iPad Pro. Most, but not all. Because not only the display size makes a difference, but also the display itself.

So far, Apple has delivered both models with a Liquid Retina display that delivers ProMotion (120 Hz), True Tone (automatic color adjustment) and a large P3 color space. This has not changed in the new generation - at least for the 11-inch model. The larger iPad Pro, on the other hand, appears for the first time with a Liquid Retina XDR display. Except for three letters, it doesn't sound any different at first. But it is.

The Liquid Retina XDR display is a screen with new mini-LED technology. 10,000 LEDs ensure a particularly high contrast and allow a peak brightness of 1,600 nits. The display of the 11 "version, on the other hand, only has 600 nits. In addition, the new technology has more than 2,500 dimming zones and thus achieves the black levels of an OLED display - without the disadvantages (price, burn-in).

Why Apple decided to only use the technology in the large iPad Pro is unclear. According to rumors, a new model of the small pro tablet could appear at the end of the year, which also relies on a mini LED display. If the display quality is particularly important to you and would prefer a small form factor, then you should be patient.

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