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Dr. Jaglas: Herbal elixirs from the pharmacy tradition

For decades, the Jagla family pharmacy has been producing a herbal bitters - more precisely an artichoke elixir - according to a medieval monastery pharmacy recipe. What was previously very popular as a house specialty, Dr. Christina Jagla reissued after her pharmacy studies and while working in the family pharmacy. In the meantime there is no longer only the artichoke elixir, but also the Golfers Ginseng elixir. From the pharmacy, the products have now also achieved great popularity in retail and gastronomy.

about-drinks spoke to Dr. Christina Jagla, manufacturer and managing partner of Dr. Jaglas, about the elixirs, their peculiarities and the connection between pharmacy and spirits.

A pharmacist who makes spirits - how did that come about?
Christina Jagla: Many of the most popular drinks and spirits of our time have their origins in pharmacies. From lemonade to absinthe to herbal bitters - it was often a pharmacist who used his knowledge of production, extracts and refinement to create special products. In my case it is: a pharmacist. When I look on the shelves in retail, I come across cosmetics or even spirits with a pharmacy look here and there. Pharmacies stand for quality and trust. It's not a high-gloss idyll with us. At Dr. Jaglas is all truthful and genuine.

I was fortunate enough to learn a profession to which I owe special knowledge and qualifications: In no other degree course does one learn as much about herbs, their quality and production as in pharmacy. In addition, I grew up in the family pharmacy - between over 300 different herbs, recipes, smells and a bit of the alchemical romance of a traditional pharmacy. Even today, my father often stays in the recipe for a long time after the shop has closed and brings great recipes back to life. The fund of old pharmacopoeias, compendia and apparatus, including tincture presses, is enormous. The Jaglas have been producing high quality spirits for decades.

In a world that is more and more adorned with marketing and beautiful images, our tradition and well-founded knowledge is a great opportunity. Certainly it also has advantages if some brands are managed by advertising experts and graphic designers. We at Dr. Jaglas, however, set our accents with decades of experience, down-to-earth qualifications and professional competence. We use the old traditions with our know-how and the quality products of the pharmacy to make great herbal bitters - our customers and many dear colleagues from the industry say they taste it too.

What exactly do you take care of at Dr. Jaglas?
Christina Jagla: If you lend your name and family legacy to a company these days, you actually take care of everything. To be self-employed means, for me, to work constantly and to know about everything. Luckily for us, customers love our elixirs, but at the same time they reach their limits in a family business. It is important to me that we remain real and “tangible”. When we make the macerates, tinctures and essences of our elixirs, my father and I still do it ourselves and with our own hands: from the selection and quality control of the flowers and herbs to the pressing. And yes, even when I'm in Hamburg, Munich or the tranquil Dreieichenhain near Frankfurt, I visit my dealers and talk to them.

On my last beach holiday, I wrote postcard greetings to over five hundred customers by hand, and whether in the KaDeWe or at the local delicatessen store, I try to pour our customers personally at tastings on site. That is the fun of it and also what is special and personal. And after talking about schnapps with the sommelier of a starred Berlin restaurant in the fall, I went home and we created 30 bottles of a special digestif - just for him and his team. I like the diversity of the job, I do manufacturing, marketing and sales. But there are also many things where I am really grateful to my team for help - the team gives me the freedom to concentrate on the essentials.

What products are there?
Christina Jagla: Dr. Jagla's classic is definitely our regional artichoke elixir. This is a pure herbal bitters with 35% vol. Dr. Jagla's artichoke elixir was developed over the past generations on the basis of a medieval monastery pharmacy recipe and, in addition to artichoke leaves, contains over 30 other high-quality bitter herbs, roots, bark and flowers. A further development of this is the Golfers Ginseng Elixir. This contains many similar basic herbs but tastes a little stronger due to the strong ginseng root. Both elixirs are available in 500 ml and 50 ml. To make pouring easier and to show the origin of the elixirs, we also have an elixir dispenser on offer. Great cork replacement!

How do your products differ from other herbal spirits?
Christina Jagla: So for me my elixirs are special and unique. When I ask sommeliers, customers and restaurateurs, they tell me that our elixirs cannot be compared with either herbal liqueurs or bitters. We offer a unique smell, a twist on the palate from sweet to bitter and an incredibly long finish.

Something really happens on the palate. Just 2cl are enough to conjure up a really new taste experience for the guest, the bouquet of our elixirs carries the quality of the product in itself. All macerated herbs are certified according to the German Pharmacopoeia quality. They are subject to a very high degree of purity and a standardized content of bitter substances and essential oils. We completely do without artificial additives. In addition, we use very rare and high-quality herbs that are usually not found in herb bitters. The ginseng root, in particular, comes closer to truffles than gentian. Our production may also differ from others. By making very small batches and individual tinctures, we can bloom extremely complex flavors. You can taste it immediately.

You have been on the market with the products for about a year now. How is the feedback?
Christina Jagla: Well, my family's elixirs have been around for decades. When we left the local Wuppertal with the brand a little more than a year ago, I was very pleased that our elixirs were on everyone's lips so quickly and that we were wonderfully reported. The feedback is overwhelming. There were times when customers really had to be patient until we were able to supply them with well-ripened elixirs. I've rarely enjoyed anything so much. The other day, after going to the cinema, I was sitting in a very small bar, where two couples from Kreuzberg were drinking my elixirs as a nightcap. We started talking, it was a great evening and the place was quickly empty. Is there better feedback ?!

Have you already had listings in the catering industry? If yes, where?
Christina Jagla: It meant most to me that restaurants and bars where I like to eat or drink myself, from small French to star restaurants, from the small bar where the bartender greets me as a friend with a smile, to the international high culture of bar enjoyment , have listed my elixirs. That’s really special. I can't make enough bottles to keep up with the big names, but Dr. Jagla's elixirs are something special.

The 50 ml miniatures have recently been available in a practical 6-pack. For what?
Christina Jagla: The idea actually came when I was making miniature bottles for a family celebration. In the meantime, I often received requests to offer the small bottles for other celebrations and occasions. That turned out to be high-quality "attention" for friends and then blossomed into a tasting bottle and gift. To be honest, I find the small bottles very practical. In the case of a long drink, there is often tonic in a small bottle next to the glass. The focus is actually on the spirit. What I particularly like about the 50 ml bottles is to bring the elixirs back to the center

Where are Dr. Jaglas available?
Christina Jagla: You can find us in upscale restaurants, selected bars, delicatessen and delicatessen stores, some concept stores, hand-picked wine and spirits stores and of course in our online shop.

What's next?
Christina Jagla: Well, I don't want to reveal too much. But maybe this: I have found a glassworks that will make special elixir glasses especially for us. And in winter 2017/2018 there will be a strictly limited specialty that is already in maturity. I'm looking forward to it.

Dr. Jaglas | dr-jaglas.de | facebook.com/DrJaglas | instagram.com/Dr.Jaglas

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