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How often should I change my newborn's diaper?

As a new parent, you obviously want to know when your baby's diaper needs to be changed. There are a few things that can tell you when to change a diaper - and when to wait.

Diaper changing can be a challenge, especially at the beginning, but it also brings you and your baby closer together. With a few gentle touches and loving caressing, changing diapers is also fun for your baby. Your little one enjoys the contact as much as you do.

How often should you check?

Check the diaper every two to three hours. You should change your baby's diaper immediately after each bowel movement. Newborns often have liquid stools, which can cause skin irritation, even with high-quality diapers. Change diapers immediately to prevent diaper rash.

When your baby is sleeping

Change your baby's diaper before and after each nap. If your child sleeps through the night (seven to eight hours straight), change the diaper before bed and when your child wakes up. This gives your child a clean diaper that can absorb more moisture.

Other important times for a diaper change

  • before a drive

  • before a doctor's appointment

  • before leaving home for a long period of time

When deciding when to change your baby's diaper, trust how you feel - you will do your best to keep your baby dry and comfortable!