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The Korean language as a contact to the technology giant

When we talk about Korea, we naturally mean South Korea, which since the beginning of its transformation into an export-oriented top performer has developed into a constant in world trade.

Koreans want to trade with other nations. That is why they particularly value other, technologically highly developed nations. In other words, Germany too. As a result, there is a bridge between the two cultures and languages, the translation from German into Korean.

For us at PRODOC, Korean is a small but highly specialized niche with a comparatively large number of clients in relation to the translation volume. On the one hand, we do a very multi-faceted job for different technology areas. On the other hand, we are always up to date not only in terms of language.

This is what translators for German and Korean do

Like China and Japan, Korea belongs to the Asian countries with a long history and a proud, very complex culture. This culture is also expressed in the language, which captures the complex social relationships with several different levels and forms of politeness. The respective form of politeness depends primarily on the age of the speaker in relation to the addressee. But consequently also on the social status or rank in a company.

Proficient in characters

On the one hand, the language is written in Sino-Korean characters. On the other hand, in a letter script that comprises 19 consonants and 21 vowels in total. Ultimately, these consonants and vowels are combined to form a complete syllable in a block unit. Characters are mainly used in scientific texts and to write names. Furthermore, some of them are still used in newspapers. However, the majority of Korean everyday life is written in the alphabetical script.

Build trust through good German-Korean translations

By the way: A clean translation for German and Korean is also advantageous for you in another way: The language makes your business partner or customer familiar. An important aspect in Korea, because for Koreans only the people are important and thus treated with the typical courtesy that they know. Translations are therefore an essential part of the basis for successful business relationships.

Technical translations German - Korean

A Korean with whom you already have business relations would never tell you if a translation is poor or incomprehensible. This forbids politeness. If you are looking for new partners, they might never consider you as an unprofessional stranger in the event of faulty translations. This is precisely why a reliable translator for German and Korean is particularly important to you.

With translations for German and Korean from PRODOC, you don't just rely on native-speaker translators with excellent translation training. In order to understand highly complex technological relationships in detail and to transfer them correctly, our translators also have a technological background.

Document types for German-Korean translation

You can therefore rely on excellent quality for every translation from German into Korean - including print products such as:

We also translate digital projects such as:

Modern Korean, like scripts in Western cultures, is written in horizontal lines from left to right. Only traditional texts still use the spelling from top to bottom and from right to left. The layout of print products and digital interfaces does not have to be completely changed when you translate from German into Korean.

There is a space between the words, but courtesy attributes are appended directly. This should always be taken into account in the event of upheavals and can be a challenge, especially when space is limited.