Is the MacBook Air 13 good

MacBook Pro or MacBook Air 2021: Decision-making aid for Apple notebooks

MacBook Pro 13 and MacBook Air both have 13-inch displays. They fight in the same price range and came onto the market almost at the same time. No wonder that both devices are suitable for many interested parties. But if you dig a little deeper, important differences become apparent.

MacBook Pro or MacBook Air: weight and color

The length and width of the two devices are identical. There is a small difference in the height. Because the Air is wedge-shaped when viewed from the side, it measures a little less than the MacBook Pro at the thinnest point and is half a millimeter higher at the highest point. When it comes to weight, the Air is ahead. It weighs a good 100 grams less than the Pro.

The MacBook Air (MBA) gives you a little more freedom when it comes to choosing the color of the case. Both Apple laptops are available in classic silver and the not entirely new, darker space gray. Only the Air is also available in a gold tone that has a slightly reddish shimmer.

MacBook buying advice: Apple M1 or Intel as CPU

For more than a decade, Apple used CPUs from Intel. At the end of 2020, the manufacturer switched to in-house CPUs, the so-called "Apple Silicon". MacBook Air and MacBook Pro are among the first models in which a processor from Apple's own CPU manufacturer ticks - the M1. This has advantages for almost all users. The M1 is significantly faster than the Intel CPUs it is replacing and consumes significantly less power. This in turn manifests itself in the form of longer battery life and a cooler laptop. In addition, apps developed for the iPhone and iPad will in many cases also run on the M1 MacBooks. Nevertheless, Apple also offers the MBP with an Intel CPU. Our advice:

  • If your new laptop is also your first Mac, then buy a MacBook Air / Pro with an M1 CPU. It offers more performance and is future-proof.
  • If you come from an older Mac, it is best to research whether your programs and games are compatible with the M1 chip before buying. Windows in particular does not run! Websites like can help with the research. If your software runs on the new chip, you should also order an M1-based laptop.

Because the advantages of the MacBooks with M1 CPU are so enormous, we will concentrate on these devices in the following discussion.