Helps corruption in elections

Threats, Doubts, and Corruption
Almost two months before the US elections, there is little evidence that Donald Trump will be re-elected.

25.08.2020 – 18:16

Central Bavarian Newspaper

Regensburg (ots)

Not a day goes by without would-be autocrat Donald Trump not threatening something new. At one point he is thinking out loud about postponing the November 3rd elections because of the pandemic. Then he brings the possibility of a decree into play to restrict postal votes. And again and again he conjures up irregularities and manipulations on election day. The country is about to have the "most corrupt elections" in history. There are good reasons to dismiss every single point as crazy. On the one hand, according to the constitution, the president has no power to postpone Waltermin. On the other hand, it is up to the 50 states to monitor the conduct of the elections in the approximately 9,000 constituencies. But the president is interested in something else. He wants to undermine the confidence of the Americans in their electoral system. In return, he claims the most unbelievable things about forged ballot papers, votes from people who are not allowed to vote - and about overburdened post offices almost every day, without any evidence. Trump systematically sows doubts about the reliability of the results, which, given the current state of affairs, suggest a defeat for the "America First" president. He suspects that his only chance to stay in power is to look for ways to bypass the Electoral College. According to the constitution, the American states must nominate their electorates on December 14th, who will be awarded on the principle of "winner takes all" in the elections. That is, the presidential candidate who gets a simple majority of the votes in a state receives all electors. At the January 6th count, an absolute majority of 270 electors is required to be elected President. If one or more of the 50 states do not nominate electors, for example because of legal challenges, the scenario could arise that the 270 votes are not achieved. In this case, the twelfth amendment applies, which stipulates that the House of Representatives must elect the president on the same day. Although the Democrats make up the majority of the MPs in the House of Representatives, the twelfth amendment provides a different procedure for the election of the president. According to this, the representatives have to vote in groups of states in which the respective majority decides who will receive support in the presidential election. It may be unfair that California, the largest state, and Wyoming, the largest, should each have one vote. But that's the rule. As things stand, Trump would have a narrow lead in this process in Congress with 26-23. For such a scenario to take effect, Trump needs massive election day clutter, counting delays, and issues with the postal vote, which for the first time could be the preferred way for a majority of Americans to cast their votes amid a deadly pandemic. No one can do chaos better than Trump. Seen through these glasses, the president's daily attacks on the electoral system suddenly make sense. Joe Biden needs a landslide victory on November 3rd to effectively rule out Trump's tricks. The fact that this has come shows how much the admirer of autocrats like Vladimir Putin or Recip Erdogan has already undermined the democratic order in the USA.

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