Why is room control necessary

Underfloor heating: that's why modern thermostats are worthwhile

Regardless of whether your underfloor heating with hot water or electric underfloor heating is used, thermostats give you the option of Set room temperature specifically. This saves heating costs and you can always enjoy your individual comfort temperature.

From a technical point of view, the thermostat is a device from building measurement technology. With his integrated room temperature sensor he records each current actual valuehe subsequently with the set target value aligns. If the actual and target value differ, the Difference between the two temperatures Via a hydraulic actuator that reduces or increases the flow of warm heating water into the underfloor heating, set via the controller in the thermostat.

Thermostats for underfloor heating are differently executed: From simple regulator with a small wheel for manual setting of the temperature up to highly complex minicomputer With a digital display and touchscreen, the variety of products is sufficient.

In addition, a distinction is made between thermostats according to whether they are Individual room thermostats or designed to control room temperatures throughout the building and at the same time report system errors and provide additional information. Which type of thermostat you ultimately choose is up to you and is certainly also dependent on your available budget (see item costs below).

The main selection criteria include:

  • Sensor combination (Floor sensor, room sensor or combination of floor and room sensor)
  • Mounting option (Surface mounting, flush mounting or installation in the distributor)
  • Functions (Standard or extras such as individual control of the temperatures in all rooms or timer, frost protection and absence functions for setting cost-efficient energy consumption)
  • design, quality, price