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Freckles: Men like small flaws

Do you have freckles or noticeable moles on your face? No reason to quarrel with yourself, as a survey by the health portal "Apotheken-Umschau" shows. Often it is precisely such "flaws" that exert a magnetic attraction on the opposite sex. Every second of the 1,009 men surveyed found freckles sexy in women. However, the reverse is not true.

Flaws make people interesting

Very few people have perfect and flawless facial features with ideal proportions. Most of the 2,067 people surveyed think that it is precisely the small irregularities that make a face appear lively and individual. Four out of ten (38.4 percent) stated that small blemishes such as freckles and birthmarks are often what make people really interesting.

Freckled women look sexy

According to the survey, men find freckles particularly sexy in women. More than every second man finds her natural polka dots attractive. Conversely, few women can warm up to freckled men. Only 25.9 percent of women said they found freckles attractive in men.

Small wrinkles make men interesting

But the men don't have to despair. Previous surveys have shown that many women find small signs of male maturity such as gray-hued temples or age-related wrinkles particularly attractive in men. If mottled temples and wrinkles are desired, it stops with shaking hair: Few women have a weakness for light hair.

By the way: Conversely, women with gray hair and wrinkles do not do quite as well in men.

Charm and naturalness are important

In addition to appearance, properties such as naturalness, charm and warmth can also have a very attractive effect on the opposite sex.