Where can I buy cherries

Buying and storing cherries: what should you watch out for?

Cherries are not climacteric fruits that still ripen after being picked. Therefore, when you buy cherries, choose ripe ones. Because these do not keep that long, you should consume or process the stone fruit as soon as possible.

Make sure that the fruits look plump and shiny. You can also recognize ripe cherries by the stem: it should be green and smooth. If it is still firmly attached to the fruit, this is also a sign of freshness. If, on the other hand, the stem is missing, the resulting opening provides a target for putrefactive bacteria and the cherry will spoil more quickly. Cracks and bruised areas should also be seen as warning signals. Cracks indicate that the fruit has suffered from too much rain, while bruises indicate improper handling. In both cases the shelf life of the cherries is shortened.

It is important to store the cherries properly after buying them. It is best to put the fruits in a jar with a lid. This should be padded with crepe paper so that it can absorb the excess moisture. Also open one corner of the lid so that condensation can escape. This way, cherries will keep in the refrigerator for about two days. However, it is better if you buy the cherries and consume them soon afterwards - at the latest three days after purchase, cherries lose their shine and aroma, even if stored carefully.