What is Centennial CO known for?


Colorado is one of the most diverse US states. Its nickname "Centennial State" indicates that Colorado became a state in its own right in 1876 and was thus admitted to the Union on the 100th anniversary of the United States.

The central and western parts of the state are dominated by theRocky mountainswho come to their highest peaks here. The highest point in Colorado is thatMount Elbert (4,401 m), the highest mountain in the Rockies. Large parts here are covered with eternal ice and snow and there are also numerous winter sports locations such as the sophisticated Aspen and the Alpine-style Vail.

In the east, on the other hand, the state is shaped by the wide prairies of the USA. However, these levels are still relatively high and are therefore also referred to here asHigh plains designated. Overall, Colorado has the highest elevation values ​​of all US states with an average altitude of 2,073 m.

Numerous neighboring states limit the state's current borders. Colorado borders the US states of Nebraska, Wyoming, Utah, New Mexico, and Oklahoma, as well as theFour Corners to Arizona.

Important rivers are the Colorado, which gave the state its name, as well as the Rio Grande and Arkansas. Colorado is also known for its numerous lakes (over 2,000!), Such as theGrand Lake (largest natural lake in the state), Lake Granby, Shadow Mountain Lake (all in the recreation areaArapaho) and the Blue Masor Reservoir.

Colorado: facts

  • Surface: 269,601 sq km
  • Residents: 5.029.196
  • Abbreviation: CO
  • Capital: Denver
  • Local time: GMT -6
  • Nickname: The Centennial State

Map of Colorado

Geography and Inhabitants of Colorado

This is located very close to theRocky Mountain National Park, where you can also admire many bodies of water, but also a typical animal world. This park is famous and popular for its good hiking trails and its beautiful views of the Rocky Mountains.

Colorado is politically one of the so-calledSwing States, as there are areas with republican majorities (especially Colorado Springs, which is the seat of several churches and religious institutions) as well as with democratic majorities (including the capital Denver, which is the economic and cultural center of the state). For example, the attitude of Colorado in presidential election campaigns is always followed closely.

As in many US states, Americans of German origin form the strongest group here by origin. However, especially in southern Colorado, many people are also of Mexican and Latin American descent. Although English is the official language here, the group of Spanish-speaking residents is quite large.

The strongest religious communities are Catholics, Protestants (both moderate and conservative churches) and Mormons. The state motto, which is also influenced by religion, is “Nil sine numine”, which translates as “nothing without God's will”. Besides Denver, the largest cities are Colorado Springs, Aurora, Fort Collins and Lakewood. Colorado is one of the economically thriving states in the USA.

The most important economic sectors include mining (copper, uranium, crude oil, coal, gold and precious stones; world leader in molybdenum mining), agriculture (corn, potatoes, wheat, cattle, sheep and viticulture), high-tech industry, research and education (with numerous universities such as Colorado State University, University of Colorado, and University of Denver) and services such as income from tourism.

The role as one of the most important educational policy centers in the USA is also expressed in the Community series (with Chevy Chase, Joel McHale and Gillian Jacobs, among others). The fictional community college is also located in Colorado.

Colorado: Climate and Weather

The climate of Colorado is considered pleasant, but continental. The winters are cold and snowy, the summers are warm with occasionally hot days. However, the very low humidity is pleasant, which softens the climate all year round. The number of hours of sunshine is usually quite high and the sky is often cloudless. However, this also means that the temperature differences between day and night are occasionally high. Sun protection and warm clothing are both recommended when traveling to Colorado.

Climate table

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Activities in Colorado

Rodeo, winter sports and a pioneering spirit

Those who visit Colorado will be amazed by the imposing landscapes and the huge dimensions of the state during their vacation. It is certainly worth a visitDenverthat is located in the northern center of the state and became known in Germany through the US series Denver Clan. Numerous mining companies are based here. As the center of the state, it has an impressive skyline and numerous educational institutions and corporate offices.

Art lovers shouldDenver Art Museum visit. Here you can find art objects of the Indians but also modern art. History buffs should also make a stop at theDenver History Museum insert. The city also has a botanical garden, a zoo and an aquarium. Numerous historical buildings can be found in Denver, the oldest hotel is the Brown Palace Hotel, the oldest city building is the Four Mile House. As the capital, Denver is also the seat ofColorado State Capitols.

Anyone interested in American sports will also love the city, because here you can play interesting games in baseball (Colorado Rockies at Coors Field Stadium), basketball (Denver Nuggets at Pepsi Center), ice hockey (Colorado Avalanche at Pepsi Center) and football (Denver Broncos) and soccer (Colorado Rapids).

Denver almost became an Olympic city in 1976, but a referendum finally spoke out against it and so Innsbruck in Austria took over the event. A brave decision that some people may regret today. Despite this decision, the city has become world-famous and is also ideal for a winter sports holiday in the area.

There are of course also winter holidays in the snow-sure places Aspen (considered the richest place in the USA, the Aspen Music Festival takes place here in summer) and Vail (largest ski area in the USA and, not without reason, twin town of St. Moritz in Switzerland) at.

Located north of DenverFort Collins, a university town with a pretty old town and close to the Rocky Mountains National Park. In the United States, the city is particularly known for its American football team. From here you should also visit one of the oldest prehistoric sites in North America, theLindenmeier Site visit.

Colorado Springs is considered an evangelical-conservative center. The city also has several museums to offer, including the McAllister House Museum, the Peterson Air and Space Museum, and the Pioneer Museum. If you are interested in rodeo, you shouldPro Rodeo Hall of Fame visit.

In addition to the aforementioned National Park in the Rockies, the National Park is also impressiveBlack Canyon of the Gunnison National Park (with the huge canyon through the Gunnison River), theGreat Sand Dunes National Park (impressive up to 230 m high sand dunes, the highest in North America) and theMesa Verde National Park (with the Cliff Palace and other rock dwellings of the Anasazi tribes).

Flag of colorado