How do you keep yourself organized in school?

House rule

We, the pupils, teachers, parents and the school staff form one School community. At our school there are girls and boys, teenagers and adults, children with disabilities, people with German as their mother tongue and people from abroad. All of these people have rights and duties; everyone must adhere to certain rules in the interest of the community:

  1. We behave towards our fellow human beings as we would like to be treated ourselves. Mutual consideration, respect and courtesy should be a matter of course for each individual. This applies not only within the school community but also in relation to our neighbors and our appearance in public.
  2. Our school is also attended by students of other nationalities and religions. Sometimes the behavior and reaction of these classmates seems strange to us, but the reverse is also the case. We want to refrain from anything that could hurt our classmates. Nobody should be excluded; everyone should like to visit our school and feel good
  3. Your freedom ends where the rights of your fellow human beings begin! Disparaging remarks, insults and insults are not part of our everyday school life! Threats and especially physical violence are not tolerated at our school!
  4. Those who have learned to behave in the school community in such a way that their own interests and those of others are taken into account will also cope better later in professional and family communities.
  5. In order to ensure successful cooperation, it is necessary that you follow the instructions of teachers, secretaries, caretakers and other adults involved in the school unconditionally and immediately. These instructions are meaningful. Of course there is the possibility to discuss it afterwards.
  6. There are conflicts in every community. Even if you cannot always understand or find the reactions and behavior of those around you to be correct, that does not mean that your attitude is the only correct one.
  7. You have the right to complain if you feel that your rights have been violated. Your opinion and complaints are important and you should be able to express them freely. But this must be done in a calm and objective manner.
  8. Nobody at our school should have to be afraid - neither of pupils nor of teachers. Those who are afraid or have problems cannot learn well.
  9. Behave in such a way that nobody has to be afraid of you!
  10. If you are afraid or have problems yourself, talk to someone you trust about them and seek help!
  11. Each of us has certain skills. Some are good at learning, some are good at organizing games and sports, others like to help others with problems, and still others like to take responsibility for the community.
  12. Think about where your strengths lie and use them for the benefit of our school community. Then your school days at our school will be a lot of fun.

Behavior in the school yard

The boundaries of the school yard are marked by colored lines and visibly delimit the pupils' whereabouts during class and break times. Due to legal liability reasons, students are not allowed to leave the school premises. The teachers decide on exceptions in individual cases. Before you want to leave the schoolyard, be sure to ask. Vehicles and bicycles have no place in our schoolyard. Driving on the school premises is prohibited for the safety of all.

Conduct before and after class

It goes without saying that you will be at school on time for classes to start. If you can't come to school, your parents have to let the school know in the morning. At the end of the absence, a reasoned written apology must be submitted in the logbook without being asked. The pupils meet between 7.40 a.m. and 8.00 a.m. on the school premises. After the first ring (8.00 a.m.), the students go to the classroom. Lessons start at 8:05 a.m. Staying on the opposite side of the street and in the adjacent corners is not very polite to our neighbors and should not be. On your way to school, behave in such a way that our school can be proud of you. Drive carefully and properly to avoid accidents. Learner drivers go to the school yard immediately after the school buses arrive in order to avoid accidents. If you come to school by bike, you have to get off and push it to the designated places. All bicycles must be roadworthy. Therefore, regularly check traffic safety (brakes, lights, etc.). If there are any defects, we have to move your bike in and let your parents pick it up. The bike racks are not a place to stay for schoolchildren.

Conduct between the lessons and during the breaks

In the 5-minute breaks, all students who do not have to switch to a subject or differentiation room stay in their class and behave calmly so that other learning groups are not disturbed. You are allowed to go to the bathroom during this time. Make sure you behave sensibly during breaks. Our classrooms are usually locked. You are responsible for the safety of any money or valuables you bring with you. At the beginning of a big break, you have to leave class and go to the playground. Be considerate of your classmates and your school neighbors. The respective teachers ensure that all students leave the class and lock the classroom. In bad weather, the interior supervisor regulates the stay in the entrance hall. The following rules of conduct apply to the use of the toilets:

  • do not eat or drink
  • do not smoke
  • only use the cabins alone
  • Do not write on or smear walls
  • do not climb or look over the partitions and doors
  • do not clog the drains

Leave the toilets as you would like to find them yourself. Alcohol, smoking and drugs are strictly prohibited on the entire school premises. The 16-year-old schoolchildren who may be allowed to smoke at home must also adhere to this legal requirement.

Electronic devices (cell phone, smartphone)

The use of these electronic devices interferes with the classroom. If you bring them to school, please remember that no liability will be accepted in the event of loss or damage. You are not allowed to use the devices on the school premises. These must be switched off during the entire class time. This also includes the breaks. If you fail to do so, the teacher will take the device from you and your parents will have to pick it up from the school administration.

Conduct in class

Every pupil has the right to instruction and every teacher the right to undisturbed teaching. Everyone should like to come to school and look forward to classes. To make this possible, there are certain obligations for both the students and the teachers that everyone must pay attention to. Also includes:

  • Be respectful of everyone involved in school life.
  • Get to class on time.
  • Have your material ready before class.
  • Participate actively and positively in the class.
  • Let others finish and don't interrupt them.
  • Don't disturb the class.
  • Follow the instructions given by the teachers.
  • Handle the school supplies and furnishings with care.
  • Leave the rooms and the learning islands as you would like to find them yourself.