What does a Shopify developer do

Have a Shopify shop created

Shopify is one of the largest e-commerce companies in the world and is used in 175 different countries. The world's leading, cloud-based omnichannel shop system is used in over 1,000,000 companies. Regardless of whether you are about to found a start-up or have been running an established company for decades - the development of Shopify shops is worthwhile. Whether online, via social networks or in the local store - the open source software Shopify is a central place for all sales. Worldwide leading brands and young companies already trust Shopify because the software has numerous advantages: Easy handling, clear product organization and high scalability speak for themselves.

Despite numerous functions and ease of use, experts are sometimes required to get the most out of your own online shop. We specialize in Shopify template development, the further development of existing Shopify plugins, SEO optimization for Shopify shops and the creation of Shopify SEO landing pages. With our agency you save valuable time and quickly generate more traffic!

Shopify agency

Need help developing Shopify stores? Then we are the right contact! We plan your shop together with you and create it as a free developer shop on Shopify. During this time, your shop will remain largely free of charge to Shopify. Use our complete package and we will guide you through the creation of your Shopify shop from start to finish. Whether advice on suitable theme designs, the Shopify template developer or the Shopify plugin development - we hand over the shop to you and only put it online for you when you are 100% satisfied with the development. We create products, categories, menus and pages for you and all basic settings, payment methods and shipping settings are set correctly until they are published.

As an experienced Shopify agency, we offer the further development of existing Shopify shops. Shopify scores with numerous functions, but our customers often want additional functions that the app does not offer by itself. Further product options, further calculations or the indication of tax and shipping information directly on the product page are of great interest to our customers. We have specialized in the further development of existing Shopify shops and can easily integrate numerous features. On the other hand, some features are a bit more complex and require their own app or other scripts. Whatever your wish - Shopify can be expanded almost infinitely!

One of the most important decisions when building your Shopify store is design. Which theme best reflects my products or my brand? You might also be wondering what your Shopify store redesign should look like. Of course, you can click through the different themes in the Shopify Theme Store and hope that there is a design that you like. However, this approach takes more time than necessary and does not always lead to the ideal result. Therefore, our agency is also specialized in template development. We advise you on theme selection and redesign of the Shopify shop and, if necessary, reprogram your desired theme individually.

Shopify developer

The front end is the first thing your potential customer sees and is therefore crucial! Since there is no second chance for a first impression, our front-end developers specialize in Shopify Shop. When people talk about front-end, they usually talk about web design. Everything you can see on a website - whether fonts, colors, menus, buttons or tables - belongs to web design. We create your individual Shopify front end using HTML, CSS and JavaScript and offer you an optimal mix of programming and design! In this way, you have more room for maneuver when it comes to the individual design of the application. The gap between the user interface and the actions that run in the background is closed by our front-end developers who specialize in Shopify Shop.

In contrast to the front end, the back end includes all processes that are not visible to the user. The front end can be used to communicate with the back end. An application can only be made functional through the backend. It contains all programming of the app as well as the administration area. Our backend developers have the necessary know-how and use programming languages ​​such as PHP. Our Shopify template developers implement your individual wishes and offer a combination of both areas. The professional Shopify template development is important to us!

Shopify plugin development

To increase the growth and sales of your shop, Shopify offers a variety of plugins. With plugins you can highlight your shop and get even more benefits from the platform.

The best and most popular Shopify plugins include, for example, the Sumo List Builder, Beeketing Checkout Boost or Kit. With the help of the Sumo List Builder you can turn your visitors into lifelong customers. Daily email subscribers are particularly important for online shop owners. With the help of the tool, numerous new email subscribers can be generated. Beeketing Checkout Boost, on the other hand, enables you to place great incentive offers for your customers, such as discounts or free gifts. Using Kit, managing your Facebook and Instagram ads is a breeze!

Despite the numerous plugins, it can happen that a certain plugin that the customer wants is not offered by Shopify. This is where we come in! We design individual plugins for your Shopify shop!

Your online shop is already established and has numerous helpful plugins? Nevertheless, the necessary fine-tuning is missing and you want to add a few new functions to your shop? Or has your brand been on the market for a long time and you need a relaunch of the Shopify shop? Then of course we also offer the further development of existing Shopify plugins. We use our years of experience in a targeted manner and plan the functionality of the plugins with you. We can advise you immediately and give you information about the various options for further developing your plugins.

SEO optimization for Shopify shops

Our marketing experts will help you promote your online shop with the help of search engine optimization (SEO). Creating Shopify SEO landing pages is our specialty and offers numerous advantages. Your landing page is your figurehead and helps you market your Shopify services to potential customers. With the help of SEO, prospects land on your page faster. Search engine optimization means, among other things, identifying keywords that are relevant to target groups and processing them specifically in the texts of your landing page. For example, if you sell gardening products, "garden" could be a relevant keyword. If potential customers Google the word "garden", your online shop will appear as a Google ad. We prepare your content as structured data for even better visibility.
After your customers have found their way to you with the help of SEO, convince them with a sophisticated Shopify landing page. This offers you and your company numerous advantages such as:

- A Shopify landing page can add a little more substance to your online shop when you're just starting out.
- Your portfolio will be upgraded with additional content.
- Strengthening your company's reputation in the e-commerce community.
- Clear communication of your specialization, your expertise and your range of services.
- You offer interested parties an easy way to leave your contact details.
- You get support with traffic and lead generation from Shopify Shop SEO.

We are at your side with our technical know-how! We optimize Shopify shops on-site SEO. Our Shopify developers ensure improved readability for bots from search engines and social networks. Numerous factors are included in the ranking by Google that we take into account for you. An important factor is, for example, the SSL encryption of your online shop. Data security is becoming more and more important. Therefore, Google includes SSL in the ranking. The Google Search Console or the Bing Webmaster Tools also play a decisive role in search engine optimization. You can use these tools to track the indexing status of your website. Other important factors are the sitemap, loading times, meta information and content. Shopify Shop SEO is wide-ranging - in order not to lose track, we would be happy to advise you in detail and help you right from the start. Even after the project is over, you can always contact us with any questions. Regardless of whether you are a start-up or planning a relaunch of the Shopify shop - we offer tailor-made solutions for everyone!