What is MediaTek best known for?

The TV edition (HbbTV) of the ARD media library

HbbTV - what does it mean?

There is no generally accepted term for the ability to connect televisions to the Internet. Different terms such as SmartTV or Connected TV are used. All of these terms mean that content from the Internet can also be viewed on television screens. The only standard that is valid and recognized throughout Europe is HbbTV. The abbreviation HbbTV stands for "Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV" as a combination of television and Internet. Almost all manufacturers of TV sets are HbbTV-compatible with their current models. All major TV channels and numerous special interest channels make additional offers available in HbbTV. ARD offers, for example, the ARD media library, the media libraries of MDR, Radio Bremen, RBB, SWR and Einsfestival, a new type of program guide (EPG) and a modern display of teletext.

What do you need to use the TV edition of the ARD Mediathek?

You need a TV set that supports the HbbTV standard. If in doubt, ask your specialist dealer or the manufacturer whether your device is HbbTV-capable. If you do not have an HbbTV-compatible TV set, you can connect an additional device to the television for HbbTV reception - for example a suitable DVB receiver, a Blu-ray player, an Amazon FireTV or a Google AndroidTV box . The TV set (or the additional device) must be connected to the Internet. The internet connection should be at least 3 Mbit / s fast.

Which programs can you find in the ARD media library?

In the TV edition of the ARD media library you will find many programs that you can also watch via the PC media library: news from the Tagesschau, political background reports, television films and crime thrillers such as the crime scene, key topics and documentaries. The ARD media library shows you programs from Erste and the state broadcasters at a glance. However, for legal reasons, the programs may only be shown on the Internet within a certain period of time.

How do you find the ARD media library?

To call up the ARD media library, first press the red button on your remote control after the red button (fade in) appears at the bottom of the screen of the current television program. The so-called start bar is now displayed at the bottom of the screen. Use the yellow button on the remote control to call up the media library for the current television program. You can get to the ARD media library by pressing the yellow button again and selecting "ARD media library".

Another way to reach the ARD media library: In the meantime, many device manufacturers such as Samsung, LG, Grundig, Philips, Sharp, Toshiba, Loewe and Humax link the ARD media library on their TV portals. You can also find the ARD media library on the Amazon Fire TV portal and the Google Android TV box.

More information about the current program

In Germany, ARD offers most of the content for HbbTV. In the meantime, however, many large and specialty channels are also making additional offers available in HbbTV.

In addition to the media libraries, the HbbTV world of ARD offers a lot more content. These include the ARD text, the electronic program preview (EPG) and the daily news, all of which can be called up using the red button.

Status: May 19, 2015, 00.00 a.m.