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It starts: The seventh season of "The Bachelorette" on RTL is finally running! What impression did the candidates make on Melissa in episode one? You can read the live ticker here.

  • Melissa Damilia awards the roses as "Bachelorette" 2020 on RTL.
  • In episode one, the Stuttgart native got to know the 20 candidates.
  • Who could convince, who was kicked out? You can read the live ticker of episode one here.

Bachelorette in the live ticker: Absolute foreign shame moment in a row

10.15 p.m .: That was it, the season opener for the seventh Bachelorette-Season! Conclusion: Despite the swabbing you have to Melissa just like and some men promise action, excitement and emotion. We look forward to next week! Click here for the live ticker for episode two!

10:14 p.m.: Adriano no longer understands the world. He looks around in disbelief. Whether he is still from Melissa want to say goodbye? “No way!” He moans, turns off and disappears. He rips off the microphone on the stairs. THE absolute Strange ashamed moment at night. Good decision, Melissa - we prefer daredevil mode anyway Emre.

Bachelorette 2020: Episode one in the live ticker - who flies directly again?

10:13 p.m .: Now all that's left is the heartbreaker and her ex-boyfriend's boyfriend. Adriano or Leander - who gets the last one rose at night? It's going to be a business leader. A decision that surprised how mannheim24.de * reported.

10:12 p.m .: Four more Roses are in the vase, so it's clear: a man is leaving today! Johnny Depp Emre it is not, he creams another flower, then Crete travel guide Ioannis as Sebastian from Buxtehude.

10:01 p.m .: Further are also: Angelo (we still don't know anything about him), Aqua Gym Maurice, Patrick with the beautiful eyes (who could also have taken on Herzblatt-Susi's job with his voice), Rock Star Rouven, Free Spirit Daniel B., Pretty boy Florian, Selfie Alexander, Mamacita-Manuel, another Daniel (G.), Italian Saverio, the one hanging out with his ex Christian, Schnitzel-Entrecôte-Alex and 2 meterDaniel M.

"My next rose goes to the one with the creepy style and the overestimated self-confidence and the role model from 1960."

* everyone goes forward * #Bachelorette

- anredo (@anredo) October 14, 2020

9:55 p.m.: The first "Night of roses“And the first decisions are pending! The first red rose goes to the unemployed Moritz.

Bachelorette episode one in the live ticker: He gets the special yellow rose!

9:52 p.m .: While heartbreakers Adriano still waiting for the women to come to him, lets Maurice lie on his left and jets with you Melissa from. Adriano has to digest that first, while the other two chat about the aqua gym.

9.50 p.m .: There it is: the yellow one rosewhose recipient comes straight to round two and the first Single dates With Melissa gets. And who is the lucky one? The man from Austria leaves the competition behind, Daniel has them Bachelorette but convinces with his humor and the Viennese waltz arts.

If you wanted to impress her with a bottle, but she opts for another bottle. # Bachelorettepic.twitter.com / 8IP8qePm8J

- ♡ TAMARA (@tamarastckr) October 14, 2020

Bachelorette 2020 (RTL) in the live ticker: you already know him - Leander quickly ended?

9.49 p.m .: Now it's getting spiritual. Melissa and Daniel B. light his wood gift. The competitors are skeptical: “Is it burning wood again? Crazy, the guy! "But the main thing is that both of them like it. Daniel can already feel the energies of the other men, he sees competition and envy coming - hopefully!

9.45 p.m .: Hasn't he done it seriously? But! Moritz quit his job to work at the Bachelorette to take part. At least appreciates Melissa it: “He's a very interesting man.” So he'll probably stay until at least episode two before it starts to write the applications.

9:34 p.m .: Because the "sweet mouse" is "completely overwhelmed" by the "testosterone-charged men", the 2-meter giant comes Daniel M. Melissa rescue. At the moment she raves about the funny one Austrian Daniel H.

9:32 p.m .: The first to seek conversation is Leander. Will the end now come before it really begins? "I would like to get to know you better," thinks the good friend of Melissas Ex boyfriend Richard Heinze firmly. Friend? Leander calls him "more of an acquaintance". If that doesn't cause any trouble.

Keno: "Brother take part in Bachelorette, then you no longer have to work for your vadder"
This is how it must have gone😂 # Bachelorettepic.twitter.com/ 0aE6moykST

- alman-anni (@Almanannika) October 14, 2020

Bachelorette in the live ticker: Present in episode one causes confusion

9:31 pm:Melissa wants to toast with the men, then she notices: "Oh God, there are already some!"

9.30 p.m .: So, the first impression is left, everyone 20 men have more or less introduced themselves.

9:28 p.m.: Florian, the penultimate, is a charmer. If it were up to him, he would Melissa Take it straight into the car and drive away. The only problem: That would still be there Maurice included. The sympathetic muscle man with the distinctive glasses and the beaming smile is the last of the 20 Candidates. At the moment he doesn't laugh anymore, instead he asks himself: “What am I doing here ?!” Before he drives away - but without Melissa - he encourages himself (“You are a great guy!”). But then you have to say: the two would be a pretty sweet couple!

9:16 p.m .: No, Don `t worry. The unconventional free spirit and wine blogger Daniel only has a piece of wood with her. Incense sticks against the evil energies. For him, the most important criterion has been met: “I felt it.” On an emotional level, he means. Naturally! Presumably! Or?

9.15 p.m .: "Nah, you are kidding me! The fourth ?! “Yes, right, four Daniels are in the current season of Bachelorette with it. And this Daniel also has a present with him, even if his announcement is a bit strange.

What does he mean? Suggestions in the Drukos. "It's really not big, but all the more powerful." # bachelorette @ RTLde @ aruetzel @ anredopic.twitter.com / XEht6HaRF3

- N. Grand Agnion Coffee aka Dallmair Prodomo (@alocinia) October 12, 2020

Bachelorette 2020: Season start in the live ticker - one is still attached to his ex

9:14 p.m .: Melissa puts his hands in front of his face as Leander gets out. The reason for the shock moment: The 22-year-old is a close friend of her ex. She finds him very attractive, but the situation is "not nice". Both decide: There is still a need for speech! So go on quickly Saverio, which has already "sparked a little bit".

9:12 p.m .: Here it all happens in quick succession: Moritz, Leander and Saverio are at the start. Moritz is another name on Melissa's beautiful eyes list, she almost feels hypnotized. So far he seems to be a really normal and nice guy - relaxation for that Bachelorette-Heart for blast Emre.

9.09 p.m.: After the short and unspectacular conversation with Italians Angelo the competitors are already looking forward to his successor. “Now comes showbiz,” they comment from afar. The man in the white suit and white hat cheers himself on in the still closed car: “You can do it, boy. If you don't do it, who should do it? ”We're talking about the bartender and the party cannon Emre, the "Munich's Johnny Depp“As he is called. And that he is there, of course, has to be celebrated - that's why he brought champagne with him. And Melissa? She just laughs. It's definitely entertaining.

9:07 p.m .: Sometimes not a fitness trainer or managing director: Christian is acrobat! And the woman with whom he is hanging on the trapeze in the single player is none other than his ex. Melissa has no idea of ​​that yet. She is thrilled with his gift: a book that includes them all Bachelorette- can enter experiences.

Bachelorette 2020: Episode one in the live ticker - this man is special

9:05 p.m .: Attention, now comes the self-proclaimed heartbreaker Adriano. “Fresh meat,” comments the 35-year-old Melissa's age. "Who wouldn't take a younger one, you've got more of it," he adds in the interview. In any case, Adriano is certain: "She will still fall in love." All he has to do is come to an agreement Emrewho just got in the car Melissa sees - "safe belongs to me - safe!"

9:04 p.m .: Next: Sebastian. Much doesn’t get stuck, but he comes from Buxtehude. Melissa: "It's a man-man." Aha. Also Fitness trainer Patrick scores directly with his eyes. Conclusion: "Handsome man." Yawn!

9:03 p.m .: Turns in the car Rouven almost through: "Open the fucking door now, dude. My heart rate is at 2000 or something. I'm going to die soon! ”But then, alive and kicking, he hops out of the van. Still a lot of adrenaline, so he chatters straight away: “Mega awesome, yes, you look super nice, yes, mega cool, yes, yes, yes.” Thought of everything in advance, extra fingernails painted, and then that: forget imagining! “I think he didn't tell me his name,” says Melissa later fixed. Meanwhile, Rouven is already sure: "It's mine, announcement!"

9:02 p.m .: Short cut: Daniel M. is presented. Huge, fully tattooed, the dad of a little daughter and a man with a “big heart,” as he puts it. The first tear almost comes when he talks about his child.

9.01 p.m.: Sitting inside anyway: back in again Daniel (Center), a two-meter cupboard from Berlin, and I-like-to-show-my-backside-Rouven. The two say goodbye in the car with a warm kiss from a man before Daniel closes in seventh place Melissa goes. Beside him she looks like a little doll - kind of cute!

Already more honest and erotic kisses than in the entire last Gerda season. # Bachelorettepic.twitter.com / kBlHZ2ytdr

- ♡ TAMARA (@tamarastckr) October 14, 2020

9 p.m .: Now it’s getting exciting, because man number seven comes up with another one. Melissa has told several times that the seven are theirs Favorite number is, even a tattoo confirms that. Who is getting out of the car now?

Bachelorette 2020 in the live ticker - competition from the Pietro Lombardi double?

8.50 p.m.: Quickly dab the fear sweat off the face, then it peeled off too Ioannis out of the car. “Welcome home,” the Greek greets them Bachelorette, his "Aphrodite" on Crete. He wants to take her with him, she wants to get to know the others. Nice try, Janni.

I love the dreamlike trip of the #Bachelorette and I am already looking forward to the final 🌹😍👫 When the most important question is finally answered 🥰 Who will be second and who will be bullied in the summer house next year?

- anredo (@anredo) October 14, 2020

8:48 p.m .: "Holla the forest fairy" - then a wave of compliments from Alex Gérard. Melissa on the other hand, he raves about his eyes and his plush monkey is also well received. "He's got it," comment the competitors from afar. Melissa still doesn't know if it's a little too much for her.

8.47 p.m .: While Daniel introduces, the men who have already arrived look at the two of them. Alexander smells great competition: “So, and there is Pietro Lombardi! “But things are not going so promisingly on the red carpet yet. Melissa prevents embarrassing silence with a catalog of questions, Daniel answers short and sweet, then he goes back to his boys. "He somehow made me feel like he wanted to go down," says Melissa about Daniel's performance. We hope it was a little more romantic with Pietro!

8.46 p.m .: The next cargo of men is on the way: the next one Daniel (G.), Schnitzel Alex Gérard and Ioannis are there. And they are also directly enraptured by the not unknown Bachelorette.

Episode 1 of the Bachelorette 2020 in the live ticker: The first car drives up!

8.45 p.m.: Only a few centimeters differentiate the AustrianDaniel from the 1.56 meterMelissa. A torrent of speech without a period or comma comes over them Bachelorette. But it doesn't seem to bother her, for him she is the "absolute jackpot".

8.44 p.m.: Alexander surprised Bachelorette Melissa with his calm - and a Polaroid camera for a first selfie together. But then he almost forgets to give her the gift too. Because of calm in person! In any case, it eases the mood.

The other guys when the #bachelorette is talking to a candidate pic.twitter.com/g2h8KcbSMq

- Larry-Showtime 🍿📺 (@LarryShowtime) October 14, 2020

8.42 p.m .:Mamacita-Manuel starts with a twist for Melissa to "come down", he swinging his hips. Side note: Melissa always swatters when she's excited.

8.41 p.m .: Manuel discovered Melissa first. Conclusion: “Is a Mamacita!” What else did we expect? Alexander recognizes her directly: "This is Melissa!" And Daniel also remembers: "I liked her where she was at Love Island."

8.40 p.m .: The red carpet is rolled out, the big one To get to know let's go! The first car is on its way to Bachelorette. Innovation: There are three candidates. There are dancing Cubans in drive one Manuel, Alexander (he still has to introduce himself!) and the Ösi Daniel

Bachelorette 2020 in the live ticker: Melissa's first tears are flowing

8:38 p.m.: Although or perhaps because he always needs a subtitle, Austrians does Daniel H. a nice impression. Not to forget: his "Tscharme". This one Bachelorette candidates let's remember.

8:35 p.m .:Alex Gérard tries to assess his chances: "The other boys are only fries, I don't know whether I'm the schnitzel or the good entrecôte steak."


I'm confused. pic.twitter.com/20F1pGvsCw

- 📺TrashSepp🚮 (@SeppTrash) October 14, 2020

8:33 p.m .: Back to the men: Rouven is the man with the "rock star lifestyle" and the world tour with girls in the hostel, who bares his butt at every opportunity. He would then also turn around, "... if he were bigger." All said. For a little Rouven Junior - a child, not what you think! - he's with her now Bachelorette with it.

8.30 p.m .: A look at Melissas previous love life. The conclusion of the men's stories: The Bachelorette admits that he has often thought that he was not “enough”. The next tears flow - and we are already suffering a little. Hopefully there will be at least one of the good guys out of the 20 men. And she also firmly believes that she will no longer be able to fall in love with the wrong person at the “Bachelorette”.

Bachelorette 2020: Episode one in the live ticker - now the 20 candidates come

8:29 p.m .: Half-Cuban, fluent Spanish, rhythm in the blood (of course lets him RTL dancing with an open shirt), fitness trainer, model and a beaming smile. Yes, Bachelorette candidate Manuel could be a favorite if it weren't for one thing:

If this Manuel didn't say Mamacita all the time, he'd be nice. #Bachelorette

- DieTrashBiene (@BieneTrash) October 11, 2020

8:27 p.m .: The first tear starts flowing after a good ten minutes. But don't panic, just tears of joy in view of the dreamy villa Melissa on Crete may relate.

8:25 p.m.: Of course, a high-flyer should not be missing: Leander is only 22, but already has his company. He likes to make phone calls, but doesn't model, because: “I don't want to use my face for everything.” Now he's looking for his dream woman on TV. What he doesn't know at this point: He knows them Bachelorette already!

8:24 p.m .: We dug out his name for a moment, because this man is a topic of conversation. Adriano, the self-proclaimed heartbreaker from Düsseldorf, gives the direct command: “We don't let anything burn! No matter what comes: left, right - we take everything up! ”Sorry, we cannot follow.

8:22 p.m .: Then come the 20 rose hunters. In a photo box by the sea? Which poor interns did they have to drag there? The first concentrated load of testosterone hits us - even though no man has said a word yet. Everyone Bachelorette-Candidate is shown briefly in the picture. In summary: tattoos, muscles, questionable moves and one that calls itself a “heartbreaker”.