How to cook broad beans

Green bean cooking time - all cooking methods at a glance


Do you have to cook green beans?

Many types of vegetables can be eaten raw without hesitation. Not so green beans! Regardless of whether they are frozen or fresh - they contain a poisonous protein compound that is largely destroyed only when heated and when the correct cooking time is taken into account.


Cooking time for green beans classically cooked

After cleaning, you can boil the beans in hot salted water. Do not add the beans until the water is boiling. Then they are afterabout 10 minutes cooked, but still have a slight bite.

Tip: To keep the great green of the beans, you can 1 teaspoon Baking powder add to the cooking water. Refining with savory is a good idea for all cooking methods, because it makes the vegetables more digestible and is an enrichment in terms of taste.


Cooking time for steamed green beans

For the steaming you have to approx. 15-20 minutes plan on. It gets particularly tasty if you first sweat onion cubes in butter or olive oil, then add the cleaned green beans with a little liquid, for example water or broth and salt, and let everything simmer gently. The beans are ready when they are soft and still have a light bite. The hearty version also uses bacon cubes, which are only left out in moderate heat before the beans are added.


Cooking time for fried green beans

Clean the vegetables for frying, heat the olive oil in a pan and add the beans. Spread all the beans flat in the pan and over low to medium heatabout 15 minutes Fry while turning. Depending on your taste, you can add onion and garlic cubes halfway through the cooking time.


Cooking time for steamed green beans

Steaming green beans takes time depending on the thickness of the vegetables 10-20 minutes and the beans are particularly crisp. To do this, you boil water in a saucepan, place the steamer or a suitable kitchen sieve on it, add the cleaned beans and steam them with the lid closed. Alternatively, you can of course also use a steamer.


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