Why do cats climb trees?

Always upwards - why cats no longer dare to climb down from the tree

Cat owners and their neighbors will find it not unfamiliar when their darling is stuck up in the tree and only has to be fetched down with a lot of effort, a ladder or maybe even by the fire department. It made the way up, so why not back down?

Climbing lessons from the mother

Going down is harder than going up for two very simple reasons. For one thing, the claws are only aimed at one direction of climbing. Due to their curvature, they give the animal support, but only when the cat is looking up. This brings us to the second problem: our velvet paws are not used to moving backwards. In order to come down the tree, they would have to climb against their line of sight, which young or inexperienced animals usually do not even come across. Because such techniques are usually taught by the mother, as you can see for example in this video.

behavior in case of emergency

If your darling is stuck, you should try to avoid further stress for the animal despite your own excitement. For example, forcing the cat to move with a long stick can lead to a misstep and thus a fall, which is associated with injuries and high veterinary costs if landed poorly. Too many people who have gathered under the desperate animal and make a lot of noise can overwhelm the cat. Instead, give her some time, perhaps to find her own solution after all, spur her on with treats, for example. If all else fails and a ladder is not enough, you can call animal welfare or the fire brigade for help.

Photo: © vvvita / Adobe Stock