What is the hottest curry

Currywurst degree of spiciness

Not for the faint of taste: the degree of spiciness of the currywurst sauce

Not only in the capital Berlin, which is often referred to as the home of the currywurst, but also in other regions of Germany, especially in the Ruhr area, the currywurst is very popular as a hearty snack for on the go. Served with french fries and an aromatic, fruity sauce, the currywurst is one of the favorite fast food snacks in our country.

It's all in the sauce!

The sauce is essential for a perfect currywurst. Since this is one of the most important taste components, many German currywurst stalls keep their individual recipe a secret. Made up of tomatoes, curry and various spices, the sauce is used in many snacks and in different ones Degrees of sharpness offered. The spiciness of the currywurst sauce is measured on the Scoville scale - a measurement scale for assessing the spiciness of paprika plants. Developed by the pharmacologist Wilbur L. Scoville, the hotness test measures the proportion of capsaicin contained in the pepper plant, which is responsible for irritating the mucous membranes and pain receptors. Scoville diluted various types of chilli with sugar water and had experiments tested to determine when the test subjects could no longer taste the spiciness. He then referred to this dilution factor as the “Scoville unit”. A chilli pepper that is not hot is assigned the unit 0. For very hot chilli varieties, such as Habaneros, the Scoville unit can also be 1,000 or more.

Degree of sharpness in Scoville units:

0no heat (does not contain capsaicin)
0–10normal sweet peppers
~16average lower perception threshold for sharpness
100 – 500Hot peppers
1.000 – 10.000Sambal
2.500 – 5.000Tabasco sauce
2.500 – 8.000Jalapeño chilli
30.000 – 50.000pure cayenne pepper
50.000 – 100.000Piri-piri pods
100.000 – 350.000Habaneros
577.000Habanero cultivation Red Savina (alleged measurement)
~800.000Throat cutter (chilli schnapps with 80% alcohol by volume)
855.000alleged measurement of the variety "Indian PC-1"
923.000alleged measurement of the Dorset Naga variety
1.000.000Measurement of the Bhut Jolokia variety
1.400.000Measurement of the Trinidad Scorpion Butch Taylor variety
2.000.000Measurement of the Trinidad Moruga Scorpion variety
2.000.000ordinary pepper spray
5.300.000hottest pepper spray available in the free trade (manufacturer information)
7.100.000The Source, the hottest chili sauce in the world
15.000.000+pure capsaicin in crystalline form


Not for wimps: The Currywurst Scoville Championship

Spices in a curry sauce

Die-hard currywurst fans find out how spicy a man or woman can eat at the so-called Scoville championships and who will leave the restaurant as the winner in the end. There are now such eating contests in many cities in Germany. In addition, once a year the German championships in hotness competition take place. In 2013, 10 teams from northern Germany and Berlin competed against each other in eleven rounds. In most cases, however, the food competitions are divided into five courses, which start relatively harmlessly and end with a sauce that is often 4 million Scoville. The maltreated palate can be "extinguished" with water and toast. Until the bitter end, however, only the at least hold out. Most of the time, 75 percent of the participants finish the contest in advance because they have to stop because of very watery eyes or vomiting.

It is not uncommon for paramedics to be called, as the unusual sharpness leads to nausea, poor circulation, dizziness and diarrhea. Playing with the sharpness is therefore not entirely safe. Especially people who already struggle with high blood pressure, heart problems or stomach problems in everyday life should definitely not take part in such events. In the worst case, eating such spicy foods can be fatal for them. For this reason, the organizers of the eating competitions have each participant stipulated in writing that they act at their own risk in the event of the contest and that no liability is assumed for health damage.

First measures in case of too much sharpness

It happened: for once you dared to try a currwurst sauce that was too hot and now it burns like fire in your mouth? Then the best thing to do is to have a glass of milk or cocoa brought to you. Alternatively, a cup of yogurt or a piece of cheese is also possible. The milk fat contained in these products dissolves the pain-causing capsaicin and thus reduces the burning sensation in the mouth and throat. A slice of dry bread can also help with pain relief. The saliva that is released when chewing and the carbohydrates in the bread bind the capsaicin and thus lead to a relatively rapid improvement.

How much heat you want to enjoy your currywurst sauce with or can tolerate depends on your individual sensitivity to heat anyway. Incidentally, men often tolerate more than women. And finally: spicy foods are moderately healthy because they stimulate the metabolism, have an antibacterial effect and let our body release endorphins. That's why scientists like to talk about the “Pepper High Effect”, which makes us relaxed and happy. So enjoy your spicy currywurst.