What are some unspoken rules in Sweden

Particularities in dealing with Sweden


The inhabitants of each country are characterized by their particular behavior and ways of thinking. However, if you know the respective characteristics, misunderstandings can be avoided. The following observations are helpful to get closer to the Swedish people's throat. With all of this, however, it should be noted that there are of course always exceptions.

Swedes are generally more cautious and do not appreciate brash or even intrusive behavior. Sometimes there is a desperate attempt to avoid conflicts and to avoid discussion controversies as far as possible. Before a dispute arises, an attempt is made to find a compromise that is affordable for everyone.

Swedes are extremely pleasant to talk to. Not only because of a good knowledge of English, but above all because it is customary to listen carefully and not interrupt others. Loud and excited speaking are alien to the nature of Swedes. Big gestures or even complacent behavior tend to make them skeptical.

Swedes avoid getting too close or letting them get too close. Therefore, it can be a long time to "conquer" them. However, once the ice has been broken, nothing stands in the way of a long-term friendship.

While in many other countries people tend to meet in restaurants for dinner, in Sweden people like to invite you to your home. No effort is spared when it comes to food and drinks. A special feature is the unspoken expectation that visitors will take off their shoes at the door. After an invitation it is customary to say thank you verbally or in writing shortly afterwards with "Tack för senast" (thank you for the other day). In general, people in Sweden say thank you very often and thus express appreciation. Another specialty is the so-called "Knytkalas". This describes private parties to which the guests bring food or drinks that are shared.

Swedes love celebrations and are not averse to alcohol. At the end of a festival, however, it is expected that the requirement of absolute sobriety in traffic is observed. In an emergency, the car simply has to stop.

The word "lagom" only exists in Swedish and is typical of many behaviors. It means something like "not too much", "not too little" or "just right" and is often a suitable guideline for moderate, relaxed people and not excessive behavior of the Swedes.

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