Who made rockabilly famous


What is rockabilly? Here is a brief explanation ...

Rockabilly is a variant of rock'n'roll. The scene emerged in the mid-1950s when teenagers, mostly white musicians from the American South, reinterpreted black rhythms and blues in their own way and mixed them with country music. The boom of this music, which initially had no common denominator and about pop, country or Rhythm and Blues spoke, arose when the first musicians no longer only stayed in the southern regions of the USA, but started their tours in the rest of the USA.

The Rock'n'Roll originated when white musicians discovered African American pop music and composed their new versions. Today the term serves as a collective term for all forerunners of modern rock music. Rockabilly is just a different kind of rock and roll. Then came the Hillbillies, "Backwoodsmen" from the south of the USA, who complemented black rhythms and blues with country music. This initially rather insignificant variant only became popular as a style in the early 1980s, at the beginning of the massive renaissance of rockabilly music.

Rockabilly only gradually gained acceptance because the connection with Hillbilly emphasized the province too much and the music remained rural despite numerous experiments. The rock and roll movement or neo-rockabilly is still more popular today than many of the big deals in the music industry.

So in this style, the clothes, hairstyles and appearance are changed by the scene. Important, because without this respect the scene is not fashionable.

When inspire Pin-ups and James Dean? Then you have arrived at Rockabilly!

At Rockabilly you will find everything vintage and you still have the option of designing your own icons. With rockabilly you immerse yourself in a world of music, fashion and culture. Expanse Petticoat dresses, soft cashmere jackets or playful silk blouses will not be missing in your wardrobe. Formal dresses, knee-length in a retro look, for everyday life or a stylish cocktail party - rock'n'roll meets modernity in the rockabilly boutiques. High-quality materials and first-class workmanship as well as an authentic design and perfect fit are a must for the scene. The diversity of the rockabilly boutique would have impressed even the fashion stars of the 50s.

The rockabilly revival of the early 1980s suddenly turned what was still a small scene into a fad.

Not every question is still for Hard today Rockabellas and Rockabillys necessary, but for the newbies among you we're going all the way back to the beginnings of rockabilly.


Rock'n'Roll in the blood? Colorful pictures on your skin? Hot rod in the garage?

We are now devoting ourselves to the rockabilly lifestyle. The colorful crews are not only literary works and rockabilly, rock'n'roll, pin-up's, hot rods or vintage cars are their own world of icons and records.

Rockabilly - what exactly is it?

Rockabilly is a mixture of blues and country that belongs to a subgroup of rock'n'roll. The typical rockabilly attitude began in the US in the mid-1950s. Especially the musicians in the southern Sami have adopted the Rhythm & Blues Black Style and mixed it with country elements.

Rockabilly was born!

At the center of the development of rockabilly was the small label Sun Records in Memphis, Tennessee. The founder Sam Phillips was a bluegrass musician with an affinity for rhythm & blues, the music of the black underclass. At that time one of the centers of this music was Memphis and the famous Beale Street, where prostitution, parades and carnivals with voodoo elements took place alongside the hottest black blues clubs.

It was there that one of the most extravagant styles began, the likes of which we only have few in the world left, scary and mysterious.

Sam Phillips had already made a name for himself in the R&B scene in the early 1950s, producing and helping with Big Joe Turner Beale Street Blues to create. His label offered black and white musicians a record deal, which was very unusual in the early 1950s, because at that time there was such segregation in the whole of the south that one had to speak of almost two societies. However, this new music world was so strong and gained a steadily growing audience with its own clubs, labels, record stores and radio stations.


By the late 1940s this music had reached the middle class of young people and had evolved into a youth protest culture that was originally called "soft drugs" and the music of the literature of the beat generation. Books like "Catcher in the Rye" gained cult status among young people because they described for the first time a particularly youthful attitude in which the common morality was perceived as narrow and disturbing.

Beat literature fans preferred Bebop jazzOtherwise it was fancy to listen to black radio stations whose music was sexually explicit, a popular type of rebellion. Sam Phillips saw a gap in the market for his idea of ​​a new black and white pop music. Boy Elvis Presley appeared to him as a perfect musician between the two musical hemispheres, among other things because he had a good portion of gospel and rhythm & blues in his voice. In the mid-1940s, the hillbilly boogie, reminiscent of the rockabilly variant of early country music, developed. One of the earliest boogie hillbilly titles was Birmingham Rebound by hard rock Gunter. This rhythmically faster version of country music was still made with the typical violin, steel guitar, and guitar double bass-Played instruments, with the text largely deviating from otherwise demanding country texts. Some well-known late 1940s country musicians and young talent joined the hillbilly boogie, including Tennessee Ernie Ford, the Delmore Brothers, the Carlisles, Merle Travis, Roy Hall, and Red Foley.

Although there were over hundreds of rockabilly artists in the golden age of rockabilly, very few made it to the charts or achieved commercial success. Most artists don't usually release more than two or three records. In addition, rockabilly, with a few exceptions, was limited to the west coast of California and Florida, South America, which was also a reason for the failure of most rockabilly singers.

In the beginning, all musicians had their roots in country music or even country titles. After rockabilly disappeared for the first time in 1960, many singers tried their hand at country artists again, such as Mac Curtis, Warren Smith, Eddie Bond or Sanford Clark. However, rockabilly is neither a powerful element of music nor does it have a particularly strong influence on rock'n'roll, so that you lacked success here. The next strong influence on rockabilly came with the British rock scene. Both the Beatles and the Rolling Stones with covers by Carl Perkins, Buddy Holly and others began their careers as Elvis fans.


The punk was also influenced by rockabilly, including The clashwho even recorded some rockabilly songs. Even hard rock musicians like Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page pay homage to rockabilly. Jeff Beck recorded an album that contained only the song Gene Vincent, and Jimmy Page founded the with his former colleagues from Led Zeppelin Robert Plant Honeydrippers-Group that was heavily influenced by the sound of the 1950s.

With the rockabilly of the 1950s, however, the foundations of many today's bands and music genres such as Punkabilly, Psychobilly or Gothabilly. These styles not only have a sparse instrumentalization, but often also have the typical "sip-on" song.

Rock and roll can be expressed visually in almost all areas of life. An often quoted slogan "Live the Rock'n'Roll Lifestyle" brings up what "real" rockabillies wrestle your hands with.

There is of course the question of whether the authentic lifestyle or just a fad or will discover more. The subculture today defends its lifestyle wherever the bitterness of plastic only occasionally gives jeans and skirts, fantastic magazines and subtleties a chance. The dancers and weekend visitors have only the bad cards with this style. The Rockabilly movement, which originated in the southern United States, had numerous important, well-known, and original rockabilly centers. In these scene centers, especially in the vicinity of the large American cities, the music scene was particularly lively with record companies, radio shows or clubs.

The scene ended at some point, or at least it often looked that way at first glance. Maybe it was because rockabilly was still a passion among its followers, something that lasted longer than a fashion season because a revival wasn't long in coming. And that is what distinguishes rockabilly from other directions: once pompadour, always pompadour. When rockabilly returned in the late 1970s, rockabilly had little to do with its origins. In the 1980s, Psychobilly re-developed and the visual elements and often cited horror films now emphasized the music scene. The best-known representatives are currently The cramps and Horror pops. Other genres such as Punkbilly, Gothbilly and Horrorbilly show that the underground scene continues to enjoy great popularity, not only in the USA, but also in Europe and Japan.


Today the Stray Cats are mostly associated with rockabilly, their hair gelled, the colorfully tattooed body and the preference for hot rods, ancestors of pimped hip-hop vehicles. However, the genre's origins are still unmatched today, it shimmers almost unknown on the edge of the scene and is far stronger than many of the fans suspect.


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