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What is CashBack? Explained in a simple and understandable way

What CashBack is is easy to explain and has a lot in common with PayBack. CashBack and PayBack want to lure you in with gifts. In short, an incentive should be created so that you have courageous access when shopping.

We explain quickly and easily what CashBack is

CashBack is basically the counterpart to the PayBack system. Both are bonus systems with which you are "rewarded" for your purchases. However, the PayBack system is mainly used in the form of the PayBack card when shopping in "real" life. The CashBack system, on the other hand, was specially developed for online shopping fun.

  • CashBack means something like cash back. That means, in contrast to PayBack, you receive cash and no material assets. In addition, you don't have to laboriously accumulate points with CashBack. With CashBack, your purchase is rewarded relatively quickly in cash.
  • If you like the idea, first log into a CashBack portal. A virtual account will then be set up for you there.
  • If you then make a purchase at one of the affiliated partner shops of your CashBack portal, the purchase bonus will first be credited to your virtual account.
  • Tip: There are now a variety of CashBack portals, some of which have been joined by different online shops. In addition, the various CashBack portals such as iGraal or Shoop offer different bonus systems and special offers. It may therefore be worthwhile if you register with several CashBack portals at the same time.

This is how you benefit from the CashBack system

CashBack rewards of the individual online shops differ in some cases. With the "usual" shopping purchases, percentages are usually granted on the purchase price. With cell phone contracts, on the other hand, so-called fixed bonuses, amounts set in advance, are not uncommon. You will also receive, for example, vouchers for special promotions or special discounts.

  • However, no matter how the bonus system of the individual online shop is designed, the credit initially ends up in your virtual account at the CashBack portal.
  • Once you have reached a certain amount, the money will be transferred to your real account. Most CashBack portals forward your credit as soon as around 20 euros have accumulated in your virtual account.
  • Important: Of course, neither the operators of the online shops nor the cash-back portals have anything to give away. A prerequisite for the payment of the purchase bonus is therefore that you keep the respective purchases.
  • If you send the goods back, you will of course not receive any bonus. Accordingly, the amount is usually only credited to your account after the withdrawal period has expired.
  • You are just tormented by the question of what the CashBack portal providers get from the deal: The CashBack operators receive a kind of "head bonus" from the online shops for making purchases there. The prerequisite is of course that both you and the online shop are members of the respective CashBack portal.

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