Why are manners important in sociology

Manners in Science

Many academic rules of conduct are nowhere laid down, but are only passed on from one generation of universities to the next in daily dealings.

Because the flow of information in matters of manners and behavior is so important, especially for young academics, members of the Junge Akademie now want to compile a list of "a hundred manners in science". On this occasion, Campus & Karriere explores the question of what you need to know and pay attention to in order to make progress in university operations, and which faux pas a scientific career has in store.

Studio guest

Milos Vec, researcher at the Max Planck Institute for European Legal History (Frankfurt) and contact person for the working group "Manners!" in the "Young Academy" of the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences

planned contributions

• Survey on manners in science (students and academic staff): The do's and don'ts of science
• Survey on the "silverback" behavior of professors: The alpha animal shows where to go
• Survey to Brighten Up Scientific Results: When Vanity Determines Action
• Armin Himmelrath: Telephone interview with Hans-Joachim von Olberg, Dean of Studies at the University of Münster, on the rampant theft of text on the Internet

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