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Online gambling are games of chance that can be played over the Internet on a computer, mobile phone or other device (e.g. tablet).

The virtual slot machine in the online casino still looks like a slot machine, and the way it is played is also comparable to the offline variant. The situation is similar in online poker or in internet sports betting.

What are the specific risks of online gambling?

Gambling is always available.

Online games of chance can be played on the smartphone, PC at home and at work. From research we know: one high availability makes an addictive substance riskier, this also applies to behavioral addictions.

The internet is omnipresent.

People who stop want to play on the internet or limit their gaming activities there, have it sweatr to bypass the Internet or the gambling offers found there. Because the use of computers and the Internet has become an indispensable part of most areas of life and work. Simply not turning on the computer in the office or at home is not a solution either.

Marketing is aggressive.

Once you're on the web, you don't even have to go to the relevant pages to faced with gambling to become: "Plug-in advertising" ensures that users see previously used offers as advertising. The gaming behavior on the net is precisely analyzed and the marketing is tailor-made.

The fact that with electronic money is played can lead to bigger ones Stakes seduce This in turn increases the risk that losses will be chased down - and that gambling will get out of control.

It is easier to bypass controls on the Internet.

This means that young people can easily gain access to the offer by using Bypass borrowed credit cards from age controls. Blocked players can also find ways to play on the Internet, for example by using illegal offers.

The illegal offer has its pitfalls.

Agreements, for example between online poker players, reduce the chances of winning and make the game unfair. Also, as with illegal music downloads, many people are unaware that they are move outside the legal frameworkwhen they play games of chance from foreign providers on the Internet.

There is no social control.

Often times falls relatives up latethat online games of chance are played: the son or girlfriend “is on the Internet a lot”, like many others. If he or she went to the casino every evening instead, that would be more noticeable in most cases.

Games or gambling?

The boundary between games and gambling is dissolving. The two aspects of skill (games) and luck (gambling) are mixed up. Because gambling elements are increasingly being integrated into games (gamblification of games) and games of chance are perceived as games (gamification of gambling). In-game purchases, which lead to game advantages, are also possible in free games. The characteristics of the offer are not always recognizable for the person playing. Knowing the mechanisms can help players to control their money and time spent in order to play with fun and responsibly.

E-Games: Online video or online computer games on PC, console or mobile phone increasingly contain gambling and payment mechanisms. This increases the risk of debts and problematic gambling behavior. Which elements of gambling can be found in games, how do gamblers spend money in these games and which problems can arise in the process?

In the worldwide video game market, most games are free. They can be downloaded to mobile phones or computers, they are available on social networks or can be played on platforms. But even though they are described as free, the term can be questioned.

Free games generate 80% of video game revenue each year - they exceeded $ 100 billion in 2018 - and are often monetized through microtransactions. In contrast to the classic games, these “free-to-play” (F2P) games do not require an initial purchase of several dozen francs or a monthly subscription, but offer the option of making optional purchases in the game.


Free-to-play video game factsheet

How money is made from these free games depends on the game and there are several options. For example, players can pay to receive an item that is very rare or difficult to obtain and that allows them to advance faster in the game (e.g. Gardenscapes). They can also spend money to buy items that give them advantages over other players (e.g. Call of Duty, World of Tanks), buy unique abilities for their avatar (e.g. Fortnite, the Sims), additional game time in games with a daily limit Playing time (e.g. Candy Crush), reduced waiting times when building your village (e.g. Elvenar) or buying new players for your team (e.g. FIFA).

Loot boxes (treasure chests) can also be found in pay-to-win games. These are gambling elements within a game. This box contains objects (equipment, combat strength, skins, etc.) that can contribute to the success of the game. Since the content is not yet known at the time of purchase, chance and luck decide. Often, however, gamblers are looking for a necessary object, but only find similar ones in a loot box. This corresponds to an almost win, a so-called near miss from slot machines (only managed three lemons instead of the necessary four). The game knows the wishes of the players based on their behavior: In individual games, the content is not defined randomly, but individually based on the previous course of the game (big data). It is helpful for the end of the game to set a money limit for loot boxes per game episode. Opportunities for gaming (poker, roulette) for entertainment within games are easily recognizable. These work with virtual currency, with which there is often a lack of awareness that real money is indirectly involved. Sometimes the game providers make artificial waiting breaks in the game and thus seduce the players into playing a game of chance during the waiting time. Here, too, it is only chance and not fate that controls the result.

Over time, sports betting and the way you bet have changed radically. Availability, accessibility, frequency and betting options gradually increased. Today a bettor can spend all day betting on any sport in the world.

However, the world of betting is not limited to sports and horse betting. In recent years a new form of "sports betting" has emerged: betting on electronic or virtual sports. This new type of betting changed the money gaming market by connecting video games to the world of betting. There are also bets that are seldom associated with gambling in the general mind, such as certain forms of betting on financial markets.

Sports betting is the most popular form of betting. In Switzerland they are operated by Swisslos and Loterie Romande (online and offline). Internationally there are providers who specialize in sports betting. After the new Gambling Act (BGS) came into force in July 2019, the international offer was gradually blocked (IP blocking).

Nowadays, more and more diverse offers are being made on the Internet. You can bet on any sport, before and during the game, in football e.g. on the number of goals, the goal scorers and even on the exact minute in which the goal will be scored.

Horse betting is not very widespread in German-speaking Switzerland, but is far more common in French-speaking Switzerland. In the French-speaking part of the country, gross revenues from horse betting exceeded gross revenues from other sports betting in 2019 (LoRo, 2020).

Betting on esports competitions

In general, this type of bet is based on the outcome of a game between two teams that is played in the form of online video game tournaments. This form of betting developed with the advent of online video games and is currently still a market niche. In Switzerland, it is not yet possible to bet on a specific result from video games. The companies that specialize in this type of betting are all based abroad.

Bets on financial markets represent a special type of bet. They can be understood as a mixed form of investments and betting. The following applies: the more speculative the investment, the less the result can be controlled and the more it resembles a bet. Many financial institutions in Switzerland and around the world offer the opportunity to invest in the foreign exchange market (Forex). This type of investment has a lot in common with betting.

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