What are some awkward music band names


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Forum - - band names that don't exist yet ...

Hello everybody. Time and again, I have fantasies about what bands could call themselves ... what cool names would they be for bands and artists who don't exist yet ... Bring on your effusions!

Here are my favorites:

"The Rappersville Posse" (huaaahuaaa! Isn't that a scream ?!) .... ideally they should come from Rapperswil ....

My latest favorite: "Buck Cherry" - just awesome! I want to be called that!
The Güldnen envious people

-> Either punk or hit combo
HUUAAAAHUAAAA !!!! Rarely laughed so much!!! * tear out eyes wipe *

I would like to know a band name for German rapper bands we rapsoul or something, so that also fits German rappers
Music freak, there is a band called "Buck Cherry" ...
Also good is:
"The fresh and kooky Hudigägler-Lederhosen of Cydonia".
The totally freaky & rocky guys from Neverland.
the fabulous pillerbuerger and the old brewery company

fuedlimaik and the shitty nappies
Laatst gewijzigd: 17/12/2006 17:04
Close encounters of the kitschy and folk music child.
I can't find one myself ... but I have a suggestion "Rabid Halitosis" (raging bad breath)
Sounds great!

Landjeeger, do you still have our list? *G*
"The Fresh Prince presents: The Remixing & Rapping bloody Mimösli"
hi can you help me ß

do you have a band name that does not yet exist in the middle of my e-: ail address write thank you [email protected]
Cheeky slipper babies


Shattered Lions
Black-painted burglars
Waxed enemy
Moody trap
Selfish trick
Disappointed ratatouille
Stomping Times
Murderous papers
Sticky Cumulus
Imploding wallpaper
Overwhelming ketchup
Tight Fart
Clumsy Chillers
Wise United
Wicked Trouser
Flamboyant bargain
Tricky catfish
Mega Monks

Pioneering hikers
Murderer retirees
Pregnant buzzards
Somersault scarecrow
Moonlight machines
Gentle cotton balls
Noise pools
Holed baddies
Master booth magic
Woman sensitivity to weather
Broken branches
Paragenic fawns
Good-natured Höigümper
Broad iguanas
Iron boys
Angry bag rats
Assassinate lager apples
Euphoric grapes
Hopping weasels
Warbling presidents
Weeping eagle nests
Bottle-shaped horn ox
Abstruse top chefs
Double wallflowers
Bleating weather prophets

Laatst gewijzigd: 22/01/2007 20:09
* roar *

especially with the Germans I have to laugh out loud!
Laatst gewijzigd: 22/01/2007 20:01
Perhaps the name searcher will find what they are looking for further up in our cheerful pool!

Now one would have to find out what styles of music the different bands would indulge in. When it comes to German names, various German punk bands immediately rise up in front of my inner eye ...
The Amazing German Democratic Republican Nostalgists

"Risen From The Ruins"

how about "the leaking sieves"
or instead of the dead pants, the shitty pants ''
or; "my brother's inflamed ear"
it would be cool I mean how does that sound:
hey do you feel like going to a concert with me tonight i have tickets for my brother's sore ear!
is it just awesome oda?
... insane ..
Have a beautiful nice day...

It's frustrating that nobody can inspire you to come up with a nice name ...
My friend's band is called "GRENOUILLE" and is extremely fluent Metalcore, but since the 6 guys are slowly getting tired of their band name, everyone tries to get some inspiration ...
Come on, bring some creative suggestions, maybe it will inspire my boys and they will gain new motivation to finally start a new recording ...

Freaky freaks
S. U. A. D. (stands for: Shut up and dance)
Grunge gear
Bass in ya face
Rap track
Hip hop hippies
Disco divas
Royal Rappers
Tha Tunaz

so, that occurred to me spontaneously ...
oh my ...
from hip to the hop ...

what a flop !!!

Kitty The Hip Hop Flopper
Kent Brockman And The Eat My Shorts Band
The Flimpsons Singers
Big Daddy And The Monkey Puppets
The Updiving Bulls
Barny And The Duffs
Fuzzy And The Loaded Guns
The Impertinent Asholes
Steve And The Polka Dots
The Jumping Fishbirds
Scratchy And The Blowcat

Very nice suggestions, zsc4ever! Keep it up! All sound very authentic! I especially think Kent Brockman and his combo are great!
Cast, landie
Laatst gewijzigd: 31/01/2007 22:45
The Exploding Diarys
The Unconvenient Ripples
The Remote Controllers
The Dogshit Cleaners

The catwalk stumbling block
Waldi and the Weissbiersaufer
The itchy ants

huhu, ...

I would need band names, possibly in English .. we're more like punk ... do you have a witty suggestion ????
Love killer
The early punks
the popes
the bad aunts
so say what you want no more occurs to me
Hahahaha! There's nice things here!

Münsingen BE youth hostel ... hahahaha!
Dickdog Kens .... geilovic!
Carnation cowardice ... or maybe carnation submission
heyyy leutz .....
these are good names .....
CONTINUE SOOO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Not to forget: Panic! at the Disco ---> Perfect world! Monkey tail the Biblio.

I like that with the opposite:
Backstreet boys - Frontroad Men (the first real mengroup)
Lovebugs - Hate Rats

after the dark
press in
eufrath and tigris
age in trouble
george clinton and the wailers
freaks in cotton
vellecht ned
risk for tears
jointfull / that was a mistake)
leaf forest
sleeping well
daughter pain (emorock)
verum durum
hiram possible
the nu funk career
daft punk (ha ha)
blind amut
pure land
the super whistles
junky pop (I'll keep that to myself)
the stillets
distortion factor
manoman and the contrairs
snow white and the 40 robbers
master and servant (the depechenagentur)
the lousy geniuses
little big middle
rock hard lead free and band
fat bunny and funky chicks
the detroid electric breakers
coco rebel
takuhuri schikomoto

Laatst gewijzigd:
George Döbeljus Singing A-Capella Guitargods!
the funny citizens of Füdli.
Laatst gewijzigd:
Opposite of silver moon =
The Presidents of the United States: Dö District Administrator of Kazakhstan.
Nirvana: Buddhist Hell.
Soundgarden: Silenceparc.
Beatsteaks: Rhythmburgers.
Rolling Stones: Still-standing clumps.
Laatst gewijzigd: 03/28/2007 19:23
"Salto Scarecrow" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
aspiring minds
devastating consequences
revolting goodies
dachshund fudi garell

Laatst gewijzigd: 30/03/2007 11:52
zuri west - basel south
Laatst gewijzigd: 30/03/2007 19:49
Elements is cool oda?
great donna
second man
parliaments of crime
* the funky dices
* burning dices
* firstrecordmen
oda something ka ... I'm looking for a name myself ... for ne punk / ska / rock / german rock band ...
the galactic pop singers
Zurich Zug (doesn't sound bad - does it?)
No no
L8ter or L8ta
Blind boys
Girlie Girls
2gether 4ever (hot - what?)

Edge and Yes already exist ... are pretty well-known bands ...

how about: The Salted Snails
Solo, Wanted and B too ...
The Beijing Youth Hostel

Second general uncertainty

Burning silver cutlery
I have a couple
kill the system
time in time
f ** k u all
dina hit
squinting lard
hi you, what's the name of the opposite of gunslinger?
how about kittycats

the opposite of gunslinger: flower veigling
Hip duds is not bad
"Titlis ahoy" is my favorite.
the best is still dead lead !!!!!!!

The headbanging raspberry.
Broken pipe oda in English pipebreak
What comes to mind:

"First Disharmonic Jazz Band"
"The Hot Stoves"
"Klappe-Zu feat. Affe-Tot"
"Blacky Foxburger"
"No Sex, No Drugs but Alcohol"
"The cracking rabbits"
"The pissers"
"Cannibala and the 40 bones"
"Mr. Shit does happen"
"The little giants"
"The giant Lilliputians"

Or if Mörgeli & Blocher should start a band:
"Double Christoph"
etahome (emohate)
timeout kiss
sold out tonight

death and murder ^^
the first kiss
my favorite is still skip beat or physsional (pischenel spoken)
Duck Janiels
The Mool
The Delphin Sprayhole Fuckers
Sepp And The Creampies
Josuan with his polka crew
jo ... for a hardcore band oda metalcore is e.g. An Ocean Between us badly awesome ... aba have a much better one ... aba I keep that to myself .. because my band has not yet decided what to call ourselves : D: D ^^
So my girlfriend and I are still looking for a nice band name we are a hip-hop group (2 girls and maybe another boy)
should probably be German .... and cause a little grin ^^

would be very nice
I still think element is good!
But I need a really cool name for a school band !!!!
I'm also looking for a really good name for my band. We are 2 singers (1 girl 1 boy) two guitarists 1 bass player 1 drummer and a keyboard player. Music genre rock like Green Day Nivana Linkin Park / Panik (Ehlmas nevada tan) and all something that could sound like that ^^ do you have an idea?
heyyy really cool suggestions. I chose a few ... for my band (2 girls cross over and panicked)
at the beginning we had mamoru takuma but it wasn't good enough for us ... so we are now looking for a new one
how about --- born to be porn ---
how about:

-DMSWMOUDA (your mother smells like my grandma under the armpits)
-Who hears us is your own fault
-Kill the horizon
-frame fuckers
-L to the OL
- eat dirt
-floppy flopp
-Feeling samok (emo)
un so weida ^^
Haha gaili sach xD

i would for mini band (5 boys) mitme no unknown style (possibly hardcore metal) na n band name search .. suggestions?

how about:

Bloody Winnie the Pooh
Thunder Titans
Iron faces
ect .. aso d name woti gladly for mi phalte if it is what us eim is
have a question:
can you tell me band names that are kind of funny but also cool ??????
i want to have a bend with people from the class but we can't think of a name at all !!!!!!
Thanks in advance
how about ... abnami? opposite of tsunami ?? ...
"Musicfreak" looked it up at http://www.allmusic.com

Knocking Downs
W (h) o Men
Tape end

how about blacktron instead of plecktron? ^^
or double trash
@ beefcheef: aso i'm for bloody winnie pooh xD de het huere style !!

Love Handle & his Wankers
Hey we have a band (1bassist! Singer and a guitar player) we play rock and our songs are about our feelings just so you know, we would like a German name.
Rock Haus my girlfriend doesn't think much of that, but I think the name is great.
that's it
hey are a really cool student band ...... until now they had a name but now need a new one .... pretty fast ..... we play so funky and so ..... please get in touch ... . also by e-mail or so.

lg ....
hello there, we are looking for a name for a rock band !! we are 4 people, 2 boys and 2 girls if you can think of any you can give them to me at msn my e-mail address is: [email protected]

LG Becci & Cata
how about soldiers of distruction
(It was just a joke, that's the name of my band )
uh ...
-heavy blog
-blag flag
ass heads
-Pimmpel men
-short text
blubb don't tell you anything nene joke of the warning my suggestions are of course full of shit, hopefully you have n bissl liked the if not i wrote it all for free xD
Somehow, fan club, cheeky girls or boys
how do you like the "PINK GIRL"????????????????? please write back if you play drums or electric guitar then just write me what your name is and how old you are !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! see you soon
haii, my band and I have a problem ... our name used to be celebaty twixx but we don't like the name anymore Can you help us we are between 14 and 17 and play punk-rock-pop ^^

PS: thank you in advance =)
hey! i'm looking for a really cool name for a punk rock band !!

I would be happy if you would make suggestions to me
han e ask a eu ....

answer to the question, musicfreack, de best name iisch:
the seven islanders
Underarm sweatband geili name or ???
ey i urgently need help do you have a name for a girl duo wrote back cshnell we are gard in a crisis and need a name
oha so the names are really not bad ......
I also have one more:
Heavy surfer or
The war

you also need a name for a punk band .... so if you still have suggestions
Just reach into the Scrabble letter bag, put a handful of letters down unsorted - and you've got a band name that almost certainly doesn't exist yet. Nobody can say if it comes out FGRJ KPÖRCW or something, but at least that answers the initial question. Really unique!

weird thread here ...
i meant a real band name we do eiq. rap pop music un sin girl so just say ma a name we are in na very terrible grise
How about "Q-ties" (pronounced kjuties; comes from cute = sweet, cute ...) , michelle, in case that is you ...

or if you are not cute, but snotty: "lickmequick"
Howling misery.
The spittoons.
Pink lamp cleaner.
Mermaids on ice.
Crazy stuff.
The slimes.
Crime time.
Animal feed.
Total fucking strangers.
Sounds like shit.
ey they are cool, especially mermaids on ice. abba meina girlfriend liked the nedd syr gä suggests ma mher
joop we are already sweet, I would say ma un meina friends like it so if we get into the charts with that name we owe it to you xxD
my girlfriend just made a suggestion just cute
@michelle: it's good ... uh ... cute ...
hehe a question for you bandito how lat bis you
guess ... (psssst!)
michelle, this is a forum thread, not a chat. Just don't belong here.

If you do this:


click, are you halfway behind it ..., okay?
And if you were a member (it doesn't cost anything !!!) you could also write memos.

So it's a chatt oda
there is nothing there is only a rabbit on a chicken oda something xxD just say it
No, really not. NO chat here. Only members can chat - in chat, you don’t do it here in the forum. I'll write you an email tomorrow and explain it to you. Ciao.-
does someone have clever band names
yes, I think so, no one has ever said a really good one to me
... I'd say 'That One!' try ... is on everyone's lips right now ...
Gossling Hankerchiefs

Wouldn't that be a great band name ?!
hi, we are a band and are urgently looking for a name because we have a concert next week and need a name for it, the name has to be in the newspaper. we'll play a song about stoners, if you have something suitable .. thanks in advance!
Organic cucumber
Hey, does anyone have an idea for a name?
We are 6 people ... 2M. & 4Y !!
Is really urgent ... well and I can't think of anything
we make pop music, sometimes more rocky, sometimes more calm.
the name shouldn't be too fancy, but it should sound cool!
Say thanks now!
* Aspirin * just an idea ...
I also urgently need a band name .... one that doesn't consist of so many words! We are a church band (I know that probably sounds stupid, but we also play more rocky songs !!!!!!!)
does someone have an idea?
oh yes, by the way, we are a youth band ^^

I have a couple of names with SKA
SKA Tissue
SKAnk <- hooker, bitch (English)
Connection cable
... SKAmpange
law firm
daily ticket
Drainage channel
i think emply fire colol
reasonable band names wouldn't be bad
take seven
like this
looking for a band name we are 2 girls ... (but we don’t do rock, punk or emo style !!!)
we have a band name Golden Roses na jealous
I also suggest for you:
How do you find the band names Metallface and Blackmetall
Are the cooooooooooooooooooooooool
what do you think of "Fallen Angel" ... so for a band that plays metal etc
we are an indie rock band and are still looking for a great name
come on, make suggestions
>> The three funny two <<
Hello everyone

Our band needs a crazy short name, it can be English or German
and does not have to have any meaning!

Thanks to everyone who can help!
-golden eyes
-suck in
-hard angel
-energy read
-Ladies / Lady death
I hope the names are of use to you. I also have a band, but no name fits, although I like them all ..
Always find names with head cool:

-the stone heads
-the water heads
-the green / red / blue / yellow heads
-the cold heads
-the punk heads
-etc. the main thing is head
That's right, you're right, they are really cool, the names with head. I especially like the cold heads and punk heads. but they don't fit my band either. i have something more rocky like blink 182 (the hottest band in the world..to put it simply we're back !! .. i love them, preferably tom delonge) ♥♥
- Joseph Goes Super Pop
- Computer Says No.
i don't think the names are that great ..but whatever? you can also submit your "ideas" here .. do not mean angry
if he / she likes the names .. you don't care, I like you they have something different, sometimes not always the usual ...
nail in
how about
the abc
Seabeezoa Effort
The Gamma Miboaqu Magnum

Both are available in a slightly modified form, but modified as I said ...

mr. / mrs. X and the one and only school tape ...
there were times ... are now called aba * otherersch *
I'm looking for a name for our youth wind orchestra (sounds stuffy - but it's not ) because of ours

watch out - total crap: Teenage Sound Factory
no one pleases but our old derigers.
Please please maybe you think of something? Would be cool, please send it to the e-mail address: [email protected]
Open the lexicon, take the first term you come across and add or change it if necessary
Great name of a band,
Dog Fashion Disco
Already taken, unfortunately.

A name for a school band?
The Lycaeum
Schulbänd: chrossies
scrept (skrept)
Youth wind orchestra: Acorde Armónico (Spanish: harmonic harmony)
Just take any words for music and have them translated into Spanish or Russian. And you already have a great name for your orchestra.
huuhu..I'm looking myself, but these names don't fit our style of music..but so for you:

The McNuggets
Discus my fish
nutella salami sandwiches
mickey mouse plea
recep (Rätschäp)
etch path!
acid brain
sixchicks minus one
goodbye ear, hello music
shut up and hear
white bread factory

joaa ... I come from Germany but you can still tell me some, eh?
you really don't have any good band names here !! they're all totally shit and boring .. come up with something better. I absolutely need a GOOD band name !! so try harder!
Heii I need a band name in English or German does not matter! towards emo / punk !!!
THE seedling
Hey folks, I'm brewing a band name for a student band format. A format like Silbermond or Julie is planned in German and / or English. We are 3 boys and 2 girls. Come up with a few things, I'm looking forward to it ^^.
heey ... mean freeundee and i have no band and we just don't know what name we should take and we just don't get any good ... aba if you can think of a good one that would be great please neet soo joke names because we mean it with our band really serious if it works an english name alsoo a name in english ... thank you .... G. our band ...
how about The Living Puppet's ne joke that's the name of my band but it's gayl wa x'D
How about "NASÄ-BÖÖG"
hey people
I'm looking for a cool English name for my band (music genre rock, punk rock)
Haven't found a suitable one yet
teh rockers is not bad either !! ;
teh rockers is not bad either !! ;
(I'm looking for a name for my band)