How did you come to dream lucidly

Where do true dreams in the dual soul process come from?

True dreams in the dual soul process are a clear message.

Do you sometimes dream confused, empty dreams and sometimes your dreams are as real as if you were seeing yourself in a movie? Your dream has a beginning and an end and has a message that is incredibly important for you?

With these dreams you can still remember the process and every detail of these dreams for the next day, months or even years afterwards. Such dreams coincide with reality and have a truth content.

True dreams in the dual soul process show you the way and the goal.

Crazy, confused dreams that you don't get together the next day, that fall apart when you tell the story, show you that your subconscious needs to somehow process experiences or stress and pressure.

This is not about those dreams.

What is meant are communicative, clear, truthful dreams that want to point you to something in the dual soul process.

Through dreams your divine self has a possibility to make you aware of dangers or situations or to give you answers to your questions.

Imagine there is no person on earth who speaks your language, no one who can give you information or advise you on a big problem that you are trying to solve.

Life has many ways to talk to you. You could always get an answer if you wanted to. The only problem is that while you are still brooding, you cannot be reached. Often you cannot see or interpret it. Through the dream your divine self has a possibility to send you unfiltered information and to give you the way or the answer that you need.

If you didn't have to brood so much, your channel would be free. You'd be amazed how often your OVER-I would like to talk to you. If your psyche has the urgent need to free itself, if you long for security and peace in your head, then I recommend you The EvolutionKey® breakthrough kiss.

Truly, real dreams in the dual soul process are not unusual.

I practically never dreamed consciously. The first time I had a conscious dream I was warned. At that time I was still with my family and I met my first karmic partner. It was very painful, vicious and complicated from the start.

It happened that in a dream I was on the stairs and wanted to go up to our bedroom. Suddenly a terrifying man came into the living room and hurried after me. He wore a black cloak and a large black hat. I wanted to get away from him and wanted to scream. It did not work. He hugged me from behind and wanted to take me with him ... I couldn't breathe and my ex-husband luckily woke me up. My heart was pounding and I knew immediately that it was my karmic partner who was trying to steal me away from my family.

Such a dream gives you a clear message and in my case it was also a warning. For me this dream was very healing at the time. He confirmed my fears that the person I fell in love with would do me more harm than good.

You can wish for true dreams.

You can learn to understand yourself better through dreams. There are ways to learn how to interpret dreams. For a long time I worked with someone who was very good at interpreting dreams. This taught me how my self speaks to myself and to other people. Especially in dual soul connections, your self often shows you where you stand with your dual soul.

The only thing you can't do is force true dreams.

Unconditionally and without expectations, dreams show up independent of time and mostly when you no longer expected them. Dreams, when clear, will give you an unequivocal answer that you can rely on and trust. Learn to interpret them.

Stay alert and detached and let yourself be surprised.

Your Amanda

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