What is a revocable living trust

Revocable donation

Being able to react flexibly - donations with revocation

You leave a donation amount to the Zukunftsstiftung Entwicklung with the condition that the amount is repaid to you in full, in part or in installments within an agreed period in the event of an economic emergency.
Until then, we can invest the amount and use the proceeds for development cooperation. The right of withdrawal does not expire until you die. You can also use a disposition to design how the donated funds are to be used in addition to the income. We guarantee that the donated funds will only be used for development cooperation in the sense you intended.

Enabling innovations - giving free

Free giving opens up spaces in the hope of the commitment, skills and future development of others. Free giving includes trust - but it opens up space for the new that can come into the world. It is the basis for innovation - which is urgently needed in crisis and poor regions in particular, where unconventional solutions for sometimes seemingly overwhelming problems have to be found.

Free transfers of assets and gifts enable us, as a future foundation for development, to approach new people and their projects, to be able to react quickly in emergency situations or to promote projects for which there are not enough funds available at the time.

As a future foundation for development, we would like to thank the donors who have supported our work with free donations so far.

We would be happy to talk to you about gifts and asset transfers in favor of development cooperation.

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