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Professional tips for a type-appropriate and natural bridal make-up

The big day is getting closer and closer. The day that you have probably planned and prepared for a long time. But with all the planning, the most important thing is that you feel comfortable in your own skin. Otherwise you won't be able to fully enjoy the rest. The Dress has to fit perfectly and of course you should come with it too Be completely satisfied with your make-up and hairstyling. Love Suleyha from Mödling has already made up many brides in her career as a make-up artist and can give you a few important tips and product recommendations along the way. 

When it comes to bridal make-up, the motto “naturalness wins” is best. On this important day, it's not about looking like a different woman with make-up that changes you completely. It's about getting the best out of yourself - underlining your natural beauty and making you shine as a whole. As a bride, you should still feel like yourself, but maybe a little more flawless and with that certain "glow"! Beautiful, even and natural looking skin is the non plus ultra. The best way to do this is to prepare your skin a little.

Suleyha gives the best styling tips and personal product recommendations for all those who might want to do their own bridal make-up or would like to find out a little before professional styling:

The right preparation

It is advisable to make an appointment at least a week in advance with a beautician who can cater to your skin needs.

On the evening before your big day, you can do the skin again 🛒peel. For a perfect kissable mouth, it is also advisable to exfoliate your lips and apply cream with a lip balm to remove all dead skin and to smooth your lips. Then your face with amask pamper or with one Moisturizing cream supply.


On the actual wedding day, you can clean your skin as usual and care for it with a moisturizing cream. Then let them soak in well. In order for the makeup to hold well, it is important to have the skin with onePrimer prepare. This is especially true 🛒for the eye area. If you have a little oily skin and maybe even catchy songs, I recommend the Mäc Prep + Prime for the eye area. I myself use this product every day, because without the eyebase the eye make-up would smear after a few hours. What you don't really need on the wedding day is eye make-up that has been destroyed and, in the worst case, the eyeliner and eyeshadow will have settled in the crease of the eyelid. A primer is therefore a must have!

To make your pores and wrinkles look even, is also recommendeda primer for the rest of the face. 🛒The Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer is vegan and made entirely without animal testing.


And now you can start with your foundation. I am an absolute fan of the 🛒Mäc Matchmaster Foundation. This adapts to the respective skin undertone! A boon for make-up artists, because it doesn't matter whether you are a cold or warm color type. However, it should be on the right brightness. I like to mix two different colors together.

It is very practical to have at least two color levels, as you can mix the tone perfectly for your tan all year round or for pale skin in winter. Maybe you spontaneously go to the solarium before your important day and then the make-up tone is no longer right. That can't happen to you if you have two tones that you can mix depending on the tan to make the makeup look as natural as possible. To avoid edges, the foundation should also be applied to the neck and even something on the ears. Here, however, you have to be extremely careful when putting on the wedding dress!


To fix and mattify the foundation, I prefer to use a loose 🛒powder from Clinique, which gives the makeup a flawless, silky finish and makes the complexion shine. This is one of my all-time favorite products. Then apply 🛒Rouge, bronzer and highlighter sparingly.


When choosing the color of your eye make-up, it is particularly important for you to know whether you are a cold or warm skin color type. Depending on that, you also need the right eyeshadow palette.For cold color types I can recommend 🛒Mac Nude Model Eyeshadow. The 🛒Naked Reloaded range is suitable for both warm and cold types.

A good brush

And also a good brush to apply and blend the colors evenly. My absolute favorite brush is the Mäc 🛒217 Blending Brush. I hardly know a make-up artist who doesn't use this brush. I have several of them myself and use them to apply eyeshadow and then blend the color (with a clean brush, of course).


If you want, you can apply a fine eyeliner to thicken the lash line and give the whole thing a somewhat dramatic look. It is important to use a waterproof eyeliner, especially on the big day. It is well known that tears are not uncommon at a wedding. An absolutely bombproof eyeliner is the one from 🛒IsaDora, which I like to use.


Then mascara, which should of course also be waterproof, if you want to look perfect at the end of the day. I've tried a lot of mascaras in my life and I'm very satisfied with the waterproof version of vonMac Extreme Dimension. Naturalness is all well and good, but we all want long, voluminous eyelashes and this mascara helps.


To get the right eyebrow color, I recommend a 🛒Brow Set.


The color you use for your lips depends on your preference. A soft shade is recommended for the most natural styling possible. If, on the other hand, the focus is on your lips, then you can also use a stronger tone. You should also take into account the color of the dress and most importantly, as always, your skin color. One color can look beautiful on one woman and just 'dead' on another. It has to do with what color type you are. So you won't be spared testing and trying out the right color.

Primer and lip base 

Before you apply your lipstick, you can prepare your lips perfectly with the 🛒Mäc Prep + Prime lip care. It has a moisturizing effect, smoothes out the bumps and makes your lipstick last longer.

After the primer you wear theLip liner in the matching lipstick color. This gives contour and prevents the lipstick from running outside of the mouth. You can also use it to visually enlarge your mouth or repair bumps. The lip liner can also serve as a base if you not only use it to frame the outer edge of the lips, but also to paint the lips a little, or even completely. This prevents only the outer edges from being covered with lipstick at the end of the evening.

Lipstick and fixation  

Only then do you apply your lipstick in your preferred color. Then dab a layer of losescolorless powder on the lips and then go over it again with the same color. This should also extend the shelf life a lot.


Finally, we recommend a 🛒fixing spray so that the skin is soothed and supplied with moisture. The complexion becomes much more even and the make-up is set so that nothing can go wrong.

About the makeup artist Suleyha

Suleyha had known for a long time that she wanted to become a makeup artist, because what could be nicer than helping women feel comfortable in their skin and get the best out of themselves. That is exactly what she has set herself the goal of. The bride should feel more beautiful and flawless than ever before and still look natural. For Suleyha, this is the focus of a wedding makeup.

She completed her apprenticeship at Wifi Vienna 10 years ago and has since worked in a wide variety of areas: bridal make-up and hair styling, application photo styling, shootings, type advice, Halloween make-up, make-up for events or company events, magazines and much more.

However, she takes most joy in bridal makeup, because you can be part of a very special day in a person's life.