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Gumbas are small, brown enemies that resemble mushrooms and appear in the Mario series. They first appeared in Super Mario Bros. for the NES in 1985, where they were the first and easiest opponents to be defeated.

Character description


The shape of Gumba is reminiscent of a mushroom, so it can be concluded that the Gumbas inhabit the Mushroom Kingdom. (Almost) all gumbas have protruding black eyebrows, and most of them are brown. Pointed teeth protrude from their mouths, pointing upwards.

Other well-known / frequently appearing forms:

  • Para-gumba (or Paragumbas) are gumbas who have wings. Most of the time, the para-gumbas just jump. The first time you jump on the Para-Gumba, it loses its wings and becomes the normal gumba.
  • Hyper-Gumba, Hypra-Gumba They only appear in the Paper Mario series. They are green, and the hypra-gumber has wings.
  • Pieks gumba The Pieksgumba has only appeared in the Paper Mario series so far. They wear green hats with a sting, so be careful not to jump attacks.


The Gumbas once lived in the Mushroom Kingdom as peaceful inhabitants together with the Toads. At an unknown point in time, however, they joined the Koopa military force. That happened before Mario and Luigi were born. The Gumbas became members before King Bowser grew up. But not all of the Gumbas joined the troop. Some helped Bowser with his evil machinations and became the backbone of the Koopa troop. The others went on to live peacefully in the Mushroom Kingdom.


Super Mario Bros. series

Gumbas are the easiest opponents in Super Mario Bros. and beyond. You can be defeated by jumping on your head. They are worth 100 points.

Super Mario World

Gumbas are also found in Super Mario Land. Here they fall on their backs when you jump on them and you can use them as projectiles to defeat opponents.

Super Mario Galaxy

The Gumbas also appeared in Super Mario Galaxy. They left the mushroom world to make planets inaccessible. There are two different types of gumbas, one is normal and the other is grayish, rather flat. The surfaces can be defeated with a star spinner and always leave a coin. A giant gumba that resembles a mega gumba can be found in the Stargate Galaxy. But there are also other types: e.g. there are electric gumbas that shoot bullets out of their mouths to attack. They can also be defeated by turning the star.

There are also astro-gumbas. They often wear helmets to avoid being trampled. They also have to be worked on with a star rotation first in order to be able to be kicked away afterwards.

There are pumpkin gumbas in the Phantom Galaxy. They have a pumpkin head and shoot a blue flame. If the pumpkin is destroyed, they lose the ability to shoot flames. When the pumpkin is destroyed, you can destroy it like normal gumbas. The pumpkin helmet is similar to the pumpkin monsters from New Super Mario Bros.

Mario Kart series

In the Mario Kart series, Gumba does not enter the race as a driver but as an opponent / trap on the track.

Mario Party Series

Gumba appears as one of the 5 hosts in Mario Party 4.

Paper Mario series

Gumba appears in all three Paper Mario games. They are easy to defeat. Here they have a lot of shapes that try to make life difficult for Mario.


  • In the game The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening, the Gumba appears as a "guest opponent" in platforming sections. You can defeat him there with the sword or, like Mario, with a jump on the head.

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