What is the natural cure for herpes

Home remedies for herpes: what really helps?

Almost all of us have antibodies against the virus in their blood - almost 90 percent of Germans can detect herpes simplex, type 1. But it only triggers the annoying cold sores in around a third. Not only do they look uncomfortable, they are one thing above all else: painful! People who repeatedly suffer from cold sores are constantly on the lookout for remedies that really help against herpes. As a rule, you will hardly find what you are looking for, but there are some home remedies that can make the symptoms more bearable.

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Home remedies for herpes

Whether home remedies are always an alternative to medication, or even help better, can of course not be said across the board. They can provide relief depending on how severe the cold sore is. If home remedies fail and your doctor ultimately prescribes herpes medication, it is certainly for good reason. You should know one thing: Herpes is a virus that you can never get rid of! The virus DNA slumbers in the nerves and produces new viruses in certain situations. Unfortunately, our immune system does not recognize the virus DNA as a danger, which is why it is not combated. So you shouldn't tinker with herpes yourself forever. If the nasty blisters keep upsetting and frequent, then you should consult a dermatologist.

Cold sore triggers

An outbreak often occurs when the immune system is already weakened and can no longer keep the virus in check. That is why itching, burning and shortly afterwards the so-called cold sores on the mouth usually occur in combination with other infections. Anyone who regularly suffers from herpes should try to increase their defenses, because the whole body is weakened in the long term. It is therefore important to get enough sleep, eat healthily and get fresh air and, for example, come to rest through conscious relaxation techniques. Because stress also plays a role as a trigger. Too much UV radiation also promotes cold sores. If you are in the sun a lot, you should use a lip balm with a sun protection factor as a preventive measure.Danger: Cold sores is an infectious disease that is mainly transmitted through the fluid in the blisters or through skin contact. Once infected with the virus, you will keep it for life. As long as the bubbles are visible, you should not kiss anyone or share drinks with each other.

By the way, herpes can occur not only in the mouth, but also in the region of the nose, whereby, for example, vesicles can appear on the nose or mucous membranes. In rare cases, herpes viruses can also get into the eye.

Herpes due to hormonal changes

Herpes nests in the inner nerve cells and can eke out a sleepy existence there for years until the annoying disease breaks out again. As already described, this can happen, for example, through UV radiation caused by the sun. Fever or tumor diseases can also be the trigger. What many do not know, however, hormonal changes such as menstruation or menopause can promote a herpes outbreak. In summary, one can say: The trigger for herpes is a weakened immune system, which also includes fluctuations or changes in the hormonal system.

Patch against cold sores

As an alternative to creams, there are so-called herpes patches. The hydrocolloid patches are drug-free and are intended to cover the infected area. This has the advantage that transmission and spread of the virus is prevented and, conversely, the wound is protected from external stimuli and bacteria. At the same time, the plaster ensures a moist wound healing environment, which is ideal, because this way the wound can heal faster and the nasty crust formation is reduced. It is important that the plaster is applied to the wound in a sterile manner so that there is no superinfection underneath. A patch adheres well for half a day, i.e. up to twelve hours, and can be covered with make-up.

For example, try the Compeed patches from Johnson & Johnson for cold sores with seven benefits for quick healing.

We explain here which home remedies should really help against herpes.

Ice cubes and zinc prevent the herpes from spreading

Herpes viruses don't like cold, and neither do they like excessive heat. So dabbing with ice cubes can help at first. However, these should not be given directly to the affected areas, but better wrapped in a clean cloth. The skin shouldn't be shock frozen. If the lip tingles, a zinc ball can often prevent the formation of lip sores in advance. Anyone who suffers from herpes more often has it in the house all the time.

Turmeric for herpes

The yellow tuber is a real jack-of-all-trades: Turmeric contains the active ingredient curcumin, which works specifically against herpes viruses and inhibits their reproduction. To do this, the turmeric is cut into slices and placed on the affected areas. It's that easy!

Honey helps wound healing

Honey is also a common home remedy for herpes. It contains antimicrobial substances. These kill bacteria and viruses and prevent them from multiplying. You can just simply apply some honey on the affected areas. Tip: Wash your hands beforehand so that no new dirt or bacteria are transferred. Otherwise, use cotton swabs for brushing. Since honey also closes open areas, this reduces the external spread of the virus - and thus the risk of infection.

Which honey is suitable?

In principle, any honey is suitable for use against herpes. However, liquid honey does not adhere to the lips as well as solid types. In terms of ingredients, Manuka honey is said to be in particular, which is obtained in New Zealand from the flowers of the South Sea myrtle and contains the active ingredient methylglyoxal. Manuka honey is available in pharmacies, drug stores or health food stores. There's a well-rated Manuka lip balm here.

Tea tree oil has a disinfectant effect on herpes

Tea tree oil also has an antimicrobial effect. The disinfecting effect of tea tree oil was already known in the late 18th century. It is best to drop a few drops on the affected areas every hour to prevent the virus from multiplying. But be careful: tea tree oil is often used or advertised like a jack of all trades. However, undiluted tea tree oil is harmful to health. Please therefore only use in consultation with your doctor or pharmacist.

Lemon balm - a home remedy with proven effectiveness

Lemon balm is an old and valuable home remedy whose healing powers are also effective against herpes. It is one of the few home remedies that studies have proven to be effective. Lemon balm prevents herpes viruses from penetrating the cells of the body. A significant improvement in the affected areas is said to have been noticed after a short time. Corresponding ointments with lemon balm extract are available in pharmacies without a prescription. In the initial stage, you can also sprinkle the affected areas with lemon balm tea.

Aloe Vera speeds up the healing of herpes

Aloe Vera, the super plant - it too has antibacterial and antiviral properties. Used regularly, it reduces pain and inflammation, disinfects the affected areas and accelerates the healing process of the cold sore. To do this, simply cut a fresh, thick-fleshed leaf from your aloe vera plant and remove the gel it contains. Then dab the affected areas with the gel with washed fingers or with a cotton swab and allow to dry. Allow a few hours to pass before the next application so that the ingredients can work. Before the next application, remove the dried gel with lukewarm water and dab the affected areas carefully but thoroughly. The application should be repeated over several days.

Garlic for cold sores

Anyone who feels the first tingling or itching and can already see the first lip vesicles can also split a clove of garlic and hold a piece of it on the affected area on the lip for 10 to 15 minutes. You should then clean the area and repeat the process five times a day for two days. Incidentally, garlic is said to have a disinfecting and antiviral effect, which is why it is also said to help against herpes.

Black and green tea for herpes

Both black tea and green tea contain tannins that have anti-inflammatory effects. Therefore, they help to subside the nasty lip sores.
First, heat the water for the tea, then let a tea bag steep for one minute. Now take the bag out of the water and let it cool down. Then place it on the lip vesicles for about 10 minutes. Repeat the application several times a day for herpes.

Zinc for herpes

Zinc does not work against viruses, but against bacteria - but the antibacterial effect alleviates the symptoms because zinc ointments dry out the weeping blisters. This is also the reason why many resort to toothpaste, because in this point zinc ointments and toothpaste have the same effect. But: Zinc ointments can do without the irritating substances, which is why toothpaste is not a good solution for a treatment.

Beware of toothpaste as a home remedy for herpes

Toothpaste is also often recommended as a home remedy for herpes. Although it dries out the areas, its irritating ingredients can hinder or even worsen the healing process.

Home remedies for herpes: a conclusion

As you can see, there are really quite a few home remedies for herpes out there. What actually brings about a relief of the symptoms in you, however, can be very individual. In some cases, home remedies can even worsen the condition. In such a case, you should of course stop treatment with the respective home remedy immediately. You should also refrain from using several different home remedies for herpes at the same time. Otherwise there may be interactions and skin irritation.

Note: After using the home remedies for herpes, make sure to wash and disinfect your hands thoroughly to prevent the virus from being passed on.

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