Why astronauts can't whistle on the moon

Apollo 13 accidentThe successful failure of a moon flight

It was said on April 14, 1970 shortly after four o'clock Central European Time by Jack Swigert on board the Apollo 13 mission. An oxygen tank had exploded and severely damaged parts of the spaceship. The men on board, who were supposed to land on the moon as the third crew, were in dire mortal danger.

All at once the only thing left to do was to bring her back to earth intact. The crew and control team at Borden had to improvise a lot.

"Houston, we've had a problem." One of the most famous sentences in space history in the radio protocol (NASA)

The astronauts boarded the lander, which only had air and water for two people and a maximum of two days. In order to reduce the rising carbon dioxide level, the crew had to make makeshift masks with hoses and adhesive tape.

Apollo 13 flew around the moon and directly back. Jim Lovell, Jack Swigert and Fred Haise traveled 401,000 kilometers from Earth - a record to this day. Three days later, with a lot of luck and skill, they landed in the Pacific.

By the way, another alleged space travel quote never came up: "Failure is not an option!", Flight Director Gene Kranz is said to have said. "Failure is not an option." But these words only come from the Hollywood movie about Apollo 13.