How can I prevent memory leaks

Preventing Loss of Information

Protection against unauthorized copying (unauthorized copy prevention)

Using the printer driver, masks and patterns can be embedded in the documents to be printed.

Protection against unauthorized copying (data security for copying)

When using the printer driver with the "Data Security for Copying" function, documents with embedded patterns of hidden text can be printed out.

The optional security module is required to gray out the copy or saved file of a copy-protected document when copying or saving it.

Printing confidential files

With confidential printing, files can be saved as confidential files in the printer and then printed out. Such files are printed from the printer control panel and taken away immediately so that others cannot see them.

Prevent data loss due to unauthorized transmission

You can specify which users can send files using the scanner or fax function in the address book.

You can also restrict direct entry of destinations to prevent files from being sent to destinations that are not registered in the address book.

Protection of information registered in the address book

With this function, the administrator can specify which users can access the data in the address book. Use of data in the address book by unregistered users can be prevented.

The administrator can also encrypt the data in the address book and thus protect it from unauthorized reading.

Manage log files

Data security can be increased by deleting the log files stored in the printer. By transferring the log files, the administrator can check the data history and identify unauthorized access.

A log collection server is required to transfer the log data.

Overwriting the data on the hard drive

Before giving or disposing of the printer, make sure that all data on the hard drive is erased. Prevent data loss by automatically deleting transferred print jobs from memory.

The optional IPP unit is required to overwrite the hard disk data.