Is R enough to do data analysis

Basic data analysis requirements - regardless of whether SPSS, Excel or R

It doesn't really take much to be able to carry out a statistical analysis. For the basic needs, I have made a selection of products that I consider essential. They are almost exclusively recommendations based on personal experience. Since it was enough to get a doctorate, they couldn't have been so wrong. 😉

Note: The list is constantly updated. All links are also affiliate links. That means, I get a small amount of the purchase price credited - with the same costs for you, the buyer. This enables me to continue to run this homepage with regular blog posts and to produce statistical videos for my YouTube channel in the future.


A PC or laptop for statistical evaluation with SPSS, Excel or R

In principle, a PC or laptop should at least 8GB RAM so that you can work smoothly. Most Processors from Intel or AMD are fast enough nowadays that no special features need to be taken into account here. A SSD hard drive is highly recommended because it is a) 4-5 times faster b) mechanical HDD hard disks wear out relatively quickly and lose speed and c) SSD are shockproof because there are no read / write heads here. A laptop should therefore have an SSD hard drive, an HDD for data storage is optional.

The size of the display or the laptop itself is always an important criterion. Less because of the resolution - most displays show Full HD - rather because of the weight and mobility of the entire laptop. 15.6 in I personally think this is the upper limit in terms of mobility. The following list contains 6 laptops that I consider usable based on the above criteria and suitable for every budget.



Software for statistical evaluation with SPSS, Excel or R

Obviously - without software, i.e. the evaluation programs per se, it is not possible.

  • SPSS is easiest to get through your university. There are campus licenses that can be obtained for a period of 3-12 months. These are free. If this is not possible, a 14-day free and fully functioning trial version can be downloaded from IBM. If you want to buy the program, you can only do so via a "rental agreement". This includes different modules and also periods and can quickly become quite expensive.
  • Microsoft Excel In contrast, it is much cheaper to get with Microsoft Office 365. There are “Office 365 Home” and “Office 365 Professional” that have to be rented annually. "Office Home & Student 2019" can also be purchased as a one-off purchase. Much more interesting, however, is that Office 365 from Microsoft is even available free of charge if you have the appropriate proof.
  • R. is completely free and can be downloaded from A little guide to the installation of R and the extremely useful R Studio, I recommend you this video.


"Mandatory literature" for statistical evaluation with SPSS, Excel or R

When selecting the literature, I was primarily concerned with easily understandable literature that is based on the application.They should show specifically how evaluations are carried out in SPSS or R, for example.