How do I generate website statistics

Visitor counter: How to create a counter for your website

The easiest way to implement a counter on your website is without a doubt to download a finished script. Paid and free visitor counters differ primarily in their scope of services. If you opt for a paid offer, you will usually also receive it visually prepared statistics with information that goes far beyond the specification of mere traffic. How detailed this information is depends on whether the recording of visitor activities takes place exclusively on the server side or also on the client side. In both cases, however, the following basic parameters are recorded as standard:

Depending on the configuration, the server can send a unique identifier Assign (session cookie). In this way it can be taken into account in the visitor counter statistics whether this is the first Page view of a user or whether they have already accessed several pages. With the help of client-side JavaScript or Adobe Flash, the information gain can be increased even further. Tracking reveals, for example, which operating system and which browser extensions the visitor has used or which screen resolution is set. The latter information can play a crucial role in website optimization for mobile devices, for example.

Most providers allow you to choose between different designs and sizes for the visitor counter that is displayed later. You select one of the available designs and the desired size and generate the with one click using the appropriate tool HTML code. You can then simply integrate this snippet at the desired location on your website in order to activate visitor tracking.