How can Netflix be so cheap

Streaming service boom due to Corona | It's that easy to save with a Netflix subscription!

Lockdown, home office, contact restriction - there is (almost) only one thing left at home: television. Streaming services are booming. If only they weren't so expensive! The cheapest German Netflix subscription costs 7.99 euros (but in poor picture quality). How can you save money? The saver has a few tips:

▶ ︎ Share with friends: The most expensive Netflix subscription with 4K costs 17.99 euros. It can be used on four devices. Perfect for a group that shares the monthly costs. Important: You are NOT allowed to resell the access, but sharing is okay!

▶ ︎ Buy foreign gift cards: Can work (see below).

▶ ︎ Buy Netflix access on Ebay: Private providers sell Netflix subscriptions on Ebay at a ridiculous price. Netflix expressly forbids this, but buying is not prohibited. There are always new offers. Problem: If something doesn't work, it's difficult to get your money back. Only for gamblers - otherwise hands off.

▶ ︎ Use foreign Netflix: The price advantage can be enormous. You don't even have to go overseas, the luck even lies in Europe. But it is important to know that you may not get any German soundtracks. Who has a VPN connection, turns it off and then logs back in to Netflix, can stream German Netflix as usual. The highlight: the user saves a good half of the costs. “It can work, but doesn't have to,” says IT professional Alexander Baetz (24) from Freiburg, who examines the streaming and VPN markets with his blog privacy tutor, among other things. Baetz tested the trick with the VPN connection * exclusively for BILD with Netflix Turkey. At the latest when a Turkish telephone number was requested, it was over.

▶︎In general, Baetz warns against the trouble of booking Netflix abroad. "If you only want to save three or four euros a month with a basic offer, you should stay away from it." Why?

▶︎ The user needs a VPN connection. They are already available free of charge, "but they are often of poor quality," says Baetz and advises that it is better to choose a paid provider.

▶︎ Via such a VPN connection, the user receives a foreign IP address that Netflix leads to believe that it is dealing with an Argentinian, for example. But Netflix doesn't want to be caught off guard that easily. IT specialist Baetz: "If it is noticed that about 5000 IP addresses have been assigned for a country via a VPN provider, then Netflix becomes suspicious and may block the accounts for security reasons."

▶︎ Anyone who wants to subscribe to Netflix in Argentina, for example, also needs a payment connection from the country. So: bank account, credit card or PayPal account. PayPal is international, but the nationality of a customer is stored in every PayPal profile, explains Baetz, who also examined the Argentine variant in his BILD test. "I couldn't choose PayPal for either the Argentinian or the Turkish variant, I could only use credit cards and vouchers."

▶︎ His tip: You can easily get foreign voucher codes (such as from Turkey), for example on the website, where you can buy for Turkey, among other things.

Netflix paradise Argentina

Nowhere in the world is a subscription currently cheaper than in Argentina: The Netflix basic offer in Argentina costs just 2.34 dollars or the equivalent of 1.95 euros per month. For this purpose, 3219 films and 1636 series are available to the user, according to the US Internet portal Comparitech in a global market study.

Already in second place follows the Turkey. Here you are there for the basic offer with 2.45 dollars (2.03 euros). However, the library is a little more sparsely stocked than in Argentina: there are only 2897 films and 1569 series.

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Belongs to third place in the table Brazil, where the basic user costs 4.13 dollars (3.43 euros) and a similarly large library as in Turkey: 2890 films / 1589 series.

If you like it closer, you would be there with the second best European offer: This is available in Great Britain: $ 8.13 and with a much larger library: 3967 films / 1971.

Germany Incidentally, it ranks 32nd in Comparitech's global ranking

But now the question of all questions: Can the German user simply use a foreign subscription at home? The answer is simple when it comes to the European Union (EU). “The services must enable use within the EU member states. And that since April 1, 2018, "says IT lawyer Timo Schutt (46) from Karlsruhe to BILD. Not permanently, but that's not a problem on vacation.

So: If you book the cheap Hungarian Netflix, you are not allowed to use it in Germany all the time - even if it is technically possible with a VPN access or proxy server. IT lawyer Schutt refers to this.

What happens if I watch US Netflix via VPN access? The clear answer: almost nothing!

For example, Netflix's terms and conditions under point 4.3: “You can view the Netflix content mainly in the country in which you created your account, and only in geographical regions in which we offer our service and the respective content have licensed. The content available for viewing may vary by region and will also change from time to time. "

A German lawyer contracted with words like "mainly" and "from time to time" but the hair on the back of the neck. Timo Schutt is no different. “Because such terms could be too indefinite under German general terms and conditions law.” This means that the customer does not even know what he is allowed to do and what is not.

Schutt: "For similar reasons, for example, the Court of Appeal in Berlin ruled on December 20, 2019, the price adjustment clause of Netflix as ineffective. Because this was formulated in a similarly vague manner. "

So if you have booked a basic Netflix offer in the USA ($ 8.99 / EUR 7.47 per month), you can watch via VPN or a proxy server. From a purely legal point of view, this is a breach of contract, but it can only be punished with termination. Means: Netflix could only block the account.

If you book the cheap Argentina variant: Book via VPN, VPN off, then you can stream German Netflix as usual. The same applies here: In the worst case, the account will be blocked.

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