How do I make ghee from butter

  1. Take the butter and add it to the saucepan.
  2. Set a medium temperature and let the butter melt. Once it's melted, bring it to a boil.
  3. As soon as the butter is boiling, turn the temperature down so that the butter can gently simmer in front of you.
  4. Make sure that the butter does not get too hot and possibly burns. So always stay close.
  5. The butter is still cloudy and a white foam forms on its surface. That is the milk protein. Now keep skimming it off. Simply add a spoon or a skimmer and scoop the white foam into a container. The foam is then disposed of.
  6. The butter must not be stirred, because the individual components should be able to separate in peace. Just watch the process and make sure that it is simmering evenly at a low temperature.
  7. As soon as the liquid butter becomes clear, this is a sign that the water it contains has evaporated. You can now look at the floor and see a sentence there that may at best be a little golden brown, but by no means black.
  8. The entire process of simmering takes at least 20 to 30 minutes, depending on the amount of butter, 40 minutes or more.
  9. Now pour the ghee through the cloth into a container. Then fill the ghee into the sealable glasses. Of course, you can also fill the ghee directly into the sealable jars. However, since something drips next to it when filtering, you can work cleaner if you separate the two processes.
  10. Seal the jars tightly and keep them in a kitchen cupboard. They don't need to be refrigerated.

Medicinal effects of ghee

You can read many details about ghee and its health effects in our main ghee article: Ghee - The golden elixir. There, not only the healing effects that are said of ghee are dealt with, but also, among other things. also on the question of the saturated fatty acids that make up ghee primarily.

Make Ayurvedic ghee yourself

Usually ghee is mentioned in connection with Ayurveda. But ghee is used there for medicinal purposes only in "medically processed" form and z. B. drunk as part of a Panchakarma cure for internal cleansing. However, the knowledge of how specifically the medical preparation has to be carried out (up to 100 hours of cooking with special herbs) is reserved for Ayurvedic therapists. Ayurvedic ghee can therefore generally not be made by yourself.

Make ghee yourself - the film

Here you will find our super fast film about making ghee, where our Ben shows you in just 1 minute how easy it is to make ghee yourself. Have lots of fun with it!

Note: Ghee is not vegan and therefore does not fit into the vegan lifestyle. The advantages of ghee (long shelf life without refrigeration, lactose-free, highly heatable) also apply to the purely vegetable coconut oil. In our age of refrigerators, the advantage of unrefrigerated storage is no longer as decisive as it is perhaps still the case today in the poor population of India. Since even butter only contains small amounts of lactose and is therefore tolerated by most lactose intolerants, the lack of lactose is no longer so important. In short: Ghee is ideal for those who want a fat that can be heated up to a high temperature and tastes like butter.


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