What's the perfect book for magnetism

Would you like to read? We provide the perfect service for you.

In addition to our weekly newsletter - and a monthly RavensBuch Junior newsletter - we also use new forms of information such as social networks and blogs. The book cawing of our trainees is just as popular as the blog of our youth book expert Verena Bothe: Verena's world of youth books. Numerous young test readers also provide recommendations from the target group to the target group on our homepage. And month after month, our reading cases and reading cases go on trips through primary schools and daycare centers in the region.
If you don't feel like coming into town, you can of course order the books you want online. We ship postage free within Germany from an order value of € 20. But our pick-up box in front of the bookstore is also popular, and our e-bike courier delivers books that are in stock on the e-bike on the same day.

We take you on a literary journey of discovery.

With our numerous evening events and our projects to promote reading, we contribute to the cultural diversity of our region. In the future, too, we will go on literary voyages of discovery with our guests, initiate discussions and set standards. With big names like Hanns-Josef Ortheil, Rafik Schami, Eva Mattes and Gregor Gysi. But we also give debutants and small, independent publishers a chance. And those who have a RavensBuch customer card benefit from reduced admission and have many other advantages.