Why was Mark Papermaster fired from Apple

Antennagate: Mark Papermaster leaves Apple

It is unclear whether he left voluntarily or was fired. He was not present at the iPhone 4 press conference and the tour of the Apple test laboratory - Mansfield, Papermaster's successor, was at the press conference. As head of the iPhone hardware department, in addition to the antenna, he was also responsible for the retina display and the A4. According to John Gruber, he was known within Apple as “the man in charge of the antenna” - although the advantages and disadvantages of the antenna design were certainly known to others at Apple. According to Gruber, it is clear from what he has heard that he did not leave voluntarily.

Antennagate only became a real problem after Apple's reaction: first the advice to hold the iPhone differently, then the announcement of an update with which the bars are calculated differently and finally the press conference at which one tried to use the smartphones of other people Manufacturers also allege an antenna problem - only touching a point is not enough to reduce the signal strength. Apple is currently distributing bumpers and other iPhone cases free of charge: This offer is of course also taken up by those who have no problem with the antenna. Although the distribution of the cases is cheaper than an iPhone recall, it is still a cost factor that Apple would have liked to save.

Apple had previously tried hard to get Papermaster and was even sued by IBM. He worked for IBM for 25 years and was only able to start working in April 2009. Apple has not yet issued a statement.