Why is Andrew Luck wearing the number 12

Andrew Luck led his Colts to another victory. (Photo © Steve Johnson / ESPN Images)

It was done! Two ambitious teams with two QBs who knew how to convince last year in their rookie season and also in this season. Football heart what more could you want.

The Seahawks start the lovely dance and score cheerfully with a 42 yard field goal from K Steven Hauschka as well as a 10 yard pass from Russel Wilson to WR Golden Tate. The Seahawks defense was in no way inferior and also wanted to write 6 points with a blocked punt. Since WR Jermaine Kearse but could not get the ball under control in the opposing end zone of the Colts, it just became a saftey. QB Andrew Luck then immediately showed why they had brought him to the Colts. He and his WR T.Y. Hilton responded with a 73 yard touchdown pass towards the end of the first quarter.

The spectacle continued in the second quarter. First Colts CB Delano Howll was able to carry a blocked field goal 61 yards into the opposing end zone and thus get the Colts' first lead (14-12) before WR Jermaine Kearse then scored his touchdown (28 yard catch) on the Seahawks side. The final point in the second quarter was set by K Adam Vinatieri with a 41 yard field goal.

In the third quarter, the scoring continued fresh and lively. This is how Seahawks met kicker Steven Hauschka 3 full field goals. On the opposing side, WR was happy T.Y. Hilton about his second TD of the evening. The fact that the Colts were able to win the game in the fourth quarter was due to the great skills of their number 12, Andrew Luck. You can almost call him an expert on fourth quarter comebacks. So he managed this feat 8 times in his still young career and number 9 was to follow that evening. After a remarkable pass to WR Reggie Wayne could RB Donald Brown before I got a 3 yard TD again Adam Vinatieri sank a field goal from 49 yards.

The final score of this thrilling game was 34-28 for the Colts. The Colts were able to bring the Seahawks the first defeat of the season.