Two apps can have the same name

App Store: Developers reserve loads of app names

Patrick Woods

Some developers complain that they cannot use the designated names for their programs in the App Store. Other programmers have already occupied these. With a trick you can reserve a row of names.

Many developers show behavior in the App Store that is reminiscent of package tourists at the club pool. They reserve loads of names for apps that don't yet exist and may never exist. Once a name has been assigned in the App Store, no second app with the same name can be registered. A special circumstance makes this particularly tricky.

Names can be reserved in the App Store without there being an app with this name in the App Store. Developers can only determine whether the name is still available when they want to submit the program to the App Store. It is not enough to simply search for the name in the App Store. This is due to the loophole that the name collectors exploit. In order to reserve a name, it is sufficient if you only want to submit an app in pretense and leave the procedure halfway. This approval, which has already started, can be left pending indefinitely without actually uploading a program. The name is still used. To do this, you enter your name and data, but click the button that you want to upload the program code later.

This uncertainty, in turn, forces developers to secure the name of a project in advance so as not to have developed an app after programming, the name of which has already been used. At the same time, many black sheep are stealing all the interesting and important names en masse. This is similar to domain dealers who register interesting web addresses, park them and later want to sell them for a profit. The programmers of the company "Atomic Antelope" consider the app store collectors to be even worse: "You can't even negotiate with them because you don't know who they are and where they are," they told the website .