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Napoleon grill appliances - Napoleon grills

Napoleon grills - more than just a grill - Napoleon grill

The company Napoleongrills was founded in 1976 by the German Wolfgang Schroeter in Barrie, Ontario (Canada) under the name Wolf Steel Ltd. founded as a small steel processing company. The 95m² production facility for wood stoves has become a huge family-owned company with more than 120,000 m² production area and more than 700 employees, producing high-quality fireplaces and ovens, Napoleon gourmet grills and outdoor products such as. Creates waterfalls.

This was only possible through constant innovation and consistently high quality and through one fact: barbecuing is Napoleon's passion.

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A Napoleon gas grill: the Prestige PRO 825

Napoleon gas grill - buy top performance non-stop

When it comes to barbecues, Napoleongrill stands for high performance, a balanced, elegant design, superior technology and, of course, one thing: pure grilling convenience. With a Napoleon grill, your barbecue will be a pleasure and you will succeed in great dishes! The possibility alone to operate your Napoleon gas grill with charcoal if necessary or the popular 980 ° C infrared burner - the Sizzle Zone - are worth a detailed look.

Napoleon can use its own factories for the production of the grills, which has an extremely positive effect on the quality of the devices. It is worth knowing that there are factories in North America and Asia, which of course also affects the price of the various series.

The Napoleon Prestige PRO 500 gas grill

The Napoleon gas grills - Enjoy the luxury of a Napoleon grill

The Napoleon gas grill range includes various series, which differ primarily in the features, the requirements for a grill, the materials used and of course in the price. There are the following Napoleon gas grill series:

  1. Prestige PRO gas grill stations - The Napoleon grill upper class, made in North America
  2. Prestige gas grills - Napoleon grills for advanced users, made in North America
  3. Rogue gas grills - the all-rounders with perfect equipment for beginners and professionals - made in Asia
  4. Mobile Napoleon Travel Q outdoor grill devices - perfect for camping, in the park or as a boat grill
  5. Built-in grill variants - for your individual grill corner
  6. Oasis outdoor kitchens from Napoleongrills - cooking and grilling in the garden

Since all series differ in terms of content, it is of course worth taking a look at the detailed product descriptions. But some highlights have to be mentioned with Napoleon Grills:

Of course, the sizzle zone of many Napoleon gas grills is outstanding. This infrared burner generates a temperature of almost 1000 ° C, which is simply a must for all steak lovers. On the sizzle zone you can add a great crust to your steak without cooking it inside and that within a few seconds. This is how a delicious steak becomes super crispy, even if it's still nice and bloody inside. An impossible task on many other barbecues.

The Napoleon gas grill at night with lighting

Another highlight, this time for poultry and roast lovers, is the backburner built into many Napoleon grills. This is also an infrared burner that is installed on the rear wall of the grill. The Backburner allows you to gently prepare delicious rolled roasts and poultry on the rotisserie, completely without fat burn! Thanks to the rotisserie, the heat does not come from below and jets of flames are excluded from the start.

In addition, the Napoleon gas grill stations have great highlights such as solid stainless steel grids for easy cleaning, practical side cookers for delicious side dishes, illuminated control elements and grill surfaces for convenient grilling in the dark, as well as optional elements such as complete flushing elements.

In addition to the propane gas versions, many devices are also available as Napoleon natural gas grill devices.

The Napoleon Smoker and Censer Apollo

Napoleon charcoal grills - innovative and perfectly equipped

Even if there are relatively few models in the Napoleon charcoal grill segment, the manufacturer offers a large selection of different grill types with a wide variety of uses.

In addition to the professional charcoal grill station Charcoal Professional, there are charcoal kettle grills from the Pro Charcoal series and even a watersmoker, the Apollo. Thus, professionals, leisure barbecues and, thanks to smokers, also anglers will find a suitable barbecue device with a Napoleon charcoal grill.

The unbelievably good equipment of the various articles should also be emphasized here. In addition to cast iron grates, the Professional even has a rear burner and, of course, extremely easy height adjustment of the entire charcoal pan.

In addition to the advantages of a charcoal kettle grill (perfect convection), the Pro Charcoal series impresses above all with the foldable cast iron grill grate, which is missing in all comparable models. Thanks to the two different versions, you can even purchase a charcoal kettle grill with a work surface and lid hinge.

The Apollo Smoker is also simply practical. It has a modular structure and can therefore be used as a small, practical kettle grill at the table, in the park or on the beach, but also as a large smoker. Especially when fishing, a smoker is an advantage and the Napoleon Smoker Apollo does a great job here.

The Napoleon grill accessories - perfectly equipped for your Napoleon grill barbecue

What is true of Napoleon for grills, of course, also applies to Napoleon accessories: innovation and quality!

You will not miss anything when it comes to accessories, because there is the right Napoleon accessory item for every purpose and every barbecue item.

Traditional aids such as stainless steel grill cutlery, practical aids such as smoking pipes or rotisserie skewers, necessary accessories such as grill brushes and covers and innovative grill accessories such as magnetic LED lamps for the grill or grill cutlery form a great and sophisticated range that is second to none.

Let yourself be inspired, because the wide range of accessories means that much more is possible than just grilling steaks and sausages, your palate will thank you.

Napoleon Grill exhibition in Bad Hersfeld, in the middle of Germany

Buy Napoleon Grill in Bad Hersfeld

Visit our Napoleon exhibition in the middle of Germany in the Grillfürst Megastore Bad Hersfeld to personally get an idea of ​​the outstanding quality. For these gourmet grills, the trip to the center of Germany to your Napoleon dealer with the large Napoleon grill exhibition is worthwhile.

With our wide range of products, you can answer the question Napoleon or Weber right away.

Of course, we are also available by phone and email for advice, availability information and reservations about the Napoleon Grill.

As a Napoleon Premium dealer, we are there for you on the phone even beyond our regular opening hours!

Our Napoleon hotline is Mon.-Fri. from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. and on Saturdays from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. on 06621 / 43209-00.

We look forward to your visit and would be delighted if you buy a Napoleon grill.

Napoleon spare parts

Of course, we will also support you after you have bought your grill, so that you can enjoy your grill for years to come.

That is why you will find a large selection of Napoleon spare parts in our online shop. If the right spare part is not there, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service.

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