How do you find a radio transmitter

What remote control do I have?

The constant further development of all products naturally also affects many accessories, including the radio systems for operating barriers and gates.

Be it for technical reasons or because a new design line is being introduced, a change can sometimes be unavoidable.


If a hand-held transmitter is defective or has been lost, a new device can simply be reordered.

The pictures below show all the hand-held transmitters that we have used over the past 18 years.

To reorder, please let us know the type or the number of the device above it.

Since each hand-held transmitter has to be individually tailored to "its" system, a few more steps are required after receiving the device so that everything works.


Below you will find a list of the individual models with instructions for coding new handheld transmitters.




433 MHz self-learning with rolling code




These types are delivered ready for use. A learning process is no longer necessary.



The video shows the learning process for a new hand transmitter. This procedure is valid for the FAAC XT868 and KILO TX transmitters.

Replacements are no longer available for very old hand-held transmitters such as the FAAC T140 or T127. In such cases, we will install a new radio receiver that is operated with the latest hand-held transmitters.

Old, still functioning hand-held transmitters can usually remain in operation and continue to run parallel to the new transmitters until they eventually bless the time.