How do I increase my body mass

How can you naturally increase your height? Are these ads gimmicks?

I am 5'6, weigh 137, male and almost 24 years old. I am not happy with my size. I love sports, basketball, soccer and others.

Because I'm so short, I have an impact on the sports I've participated in, especially basketball. For this reason and for other personal reasons (e.g. because my girlfriend is taller than me) I wanted to increase my height as quickly as possible.

I tried one exercise (4 idiots getting taller) and I had back pain after trying it for 3 weeks and then I stopped. Well, it's been a year since I stopped doing the exercise. But I'm still confident that I can get at least 1-3 inches tall. And when I get the right exercise, I take my time and do it for half a year. So much do I strive to be bigger because I've seen the effects many times.

Are these ads we see on the web and on TV gimmicks? Is there any other unnatural way to increase height without side effects? Since I also wanted to be physically fit (as you can see, I'm 136 pounds), I want to make sure that working out dumbbells doesn't affect body height gains. Should both exercises go together?

For your information, if it has any impact, both my father and mother are genetically short. But I have other relatives like my cousins ​​and uncles who are 6'2.

Many Thanks.


You cannot increase your size. you can however your vertical position increase, especially if you are only aiming for a 3-4 inch increase. If you are only into amateur sports and are aiming for a massive vertical jump, you will more than make up for your lack of height. Very few people will invest the time it takes to reach a huge amateur level vertical.


  • Barbell squats
  • Power cleans
  • Plyometrics (once your dumbbell squats are 1.5 times your body weight ... since by then you will get better vertical gains simply by increasing your strength)
  • Read the Vertical Jump Bible

There are some things you can do around greater to look .

Most important is your posture. Especially when working and / or worried while sitting, it is too easy to tip over slightly instead of standing up full length.

  • Imagine hanging on a hook on your head.
  • Raise your shoulders by starting a circle with your shoulders from front to back and stopping when they reach the top.
  • After bending forward slightly at first, then use your arms to push you back down and stretch while leaning back (you can see the video to see how this and the shoulder adjustment is done).
  • I used Wii Fit to get an idea and to correct how my body is balanced. When I started it was very biased without my noticing. Walking around with a body curved from the center also wastes height.

Clothing can also help. Vertical stripes show that you are thinner and taller. There are special shoes with higher soles that look like normal shoes (see examples here, no affiliation). I have a friend who regularly wears shoes like this and adds 2 inches to him.

A related Photo SE question discussed some tricks that could be used to look bigger in photos.

At the age of 24, your physical growth is now more or less stabilized. "No," I'm afraid there are no easy ways to get bigger. I've heard of stories of people being operated on to break and heal, break and heal ... and gain half an inch each time. I don't know the truth, but all I can imagine is that it is not common, that it is not covered by health insurance, and that it is likely to be extremely painful.

Back to "normal" growth, there is an increase in height around the cartilage ends of the longer bones that make up the skeleton (e.g. Femur ). The cartilage tissue slowly builds calcium and eventually turns into a bone process called "osteogenesis" (note that this description of the process is too simple). This usually happens from childhood to teenage years and is occasionally linked to joint pain in children. Between the ages of 18 and 20, the height department has already made major changes and the body begins to "fill" the bones and build in thickness instead of length (again oversimplified).

There are several things that are said to promote or promote height growth. Fish oils are an example of this. I didn't use them myself as they were quite expensive, but I knew some people who did when we were younger (~ 14-15 years). Granted, some have gotten significantly bigger, but you never know if it's because of the fish oils or the other pills they took, or if their natural growth has taken a higher gear. It would be interesting to read a double study in which it can be assumed that the genetic factors are the same in the subjects. Unfortunately, I have never come across an article like this.

Finally, of course, diet is also important. Dairy consumption is related to the growth of children and adolescents, but it is likely that the relationship is a substrate rather than an active component. In other words, milk can't make you grow taller than you should (based on your genes), but consumed in good amounts it will likely help you reach your growth potential.

Increasing your height is not a problem if you really like and accept your body. Although in some cases like Sports / Work (Armed Forces) requires you to be a minimum height that is different due to its rules and regulations that you cannot avoid.

Normally, the body size increases between the ages of around 13-19 years (male or female depending on gender). At this age, when the body receives the necessary supplements as well as the exercises, the body begins to grow in height. Sometimes, even if your hereditary genes are not sufficiently excised during this time, you can even overcome the size limitation that you haven't seen in your previous generations (i.e., they tend to be taller than your old generations).

However, the size of the person is also limited based on the region in which they were born (not thought of as racist, but as in the region). On the eastern side of the world, just the types of proteins or supplements in the region are abundant through the food and water your body ingests (correct me if I'm wrong).

You can only increase height up to the age of 22 or 24 years old if it is a few inches, as with 5Ft 4inch it is possible to go up to 5Ft 7inch or even 5Ft 8inch at the end of which you gained / gained is of the utmost importance to you.

Just follow the exercises above properly and maintain a healthy diet for your bones and body.

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