Why do people like to be manipulated?

6 signs you are NOT being tampered with

Not being manipulated is not that easy. Because manipulators are masters of their trade and combine a multitude of negative character traits and behaviors. Controlling, intriguing, and abusing others for one's own purposes are just a few of them. Most people come across a manipulator at some point. With some he has an easy job - with others he bites on granite. OK then! Because they are not that easy to manipulate - can they? We have put together six pieces of evidence that you can use to tell that you cannot be manipulated (so easily) ...

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➠ Content: This is what awaits you

What is the most common manipulation?

Manipulators are often masters of their trade. They know how to control the thoughts and actions of their fellow human beings and to influence them in their favor. This can make them a real problem both at work and in private life. Particularly difficult: manipulations often go undetected because the victims do not even notice that someone else is pulling the strings in the background. In order to find out about them, it is important to recognize and understand the most common types of manipulation:

  • Compliments
    A friendly word here, a little praise there and most people are already willing to do a favor, to help or meet the other person (see also Benjamin Franklin Effect). Manipulators are well aware of the effect of compliments and use them purposefully to influence their fellow human beings and to push them in the direction they would like.
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    Less friendly, but just as effective at manipulating, is pressure. For example, if you consciously put pressure on a colleague, you can control their reaction to a certain extent. Manipulators prefer to use time pressure by demanding an immediate decision. This is often also used as a sales strategy (technical jargon: "artificial scarcity") when a certain offer is only valid for a short time.
  • lying
    One obvious type of manipulation is lying. The procedure is usually as simple as it is effective. False information is passed on in order to induce the other to take a certain desired action. This usually only notices that he has fallen for a lie and has thus been manipulated when it is too late.

In order not to fall into the manipulation trap, you should pay particular attention to these frequent procedures. But not everyone is equally susceptible to manipulation.

Manipulable? You can do that about it

Are you afraid that you will be too easily manipulated? Then you should do something to be less influenced. Without question, defying a manipulator is not child's play. After all, these people usually know exactly what means they can use to direct our behavior. So that you don't become a chess piece, there are a few more tips you can use to avoid manipulation:

  1. Don't make yourself dependent on others
    The more you seek confirmation and approval, the easier it is for others to take advantage of it and manipulate you. If you trust in yourself, believe in your own accomplishments and abilities, and build your self-esteem from within, you are also less prone to manipulation.
  2. Do what you think is right
    You can't please everyone anyway - so don't even try. Rather, focus on doing what you think is right for yourself. If you follow the ideas of others, you will already be manipulated.
  3. Don't let yourself feel guilty
    Guilt is a strong feeling that many manipulators like to use. Therefore, be especially careful when a question of guilt needs to be clarified. While it is good to admit to your own mistakes, do not let the outside control of your guilt be.

Are you easily manipulated? 6 signs to the contrary

Fortunately, not everyone is manipulable. Not that easy, anyway. Sooner or later everyone gets caught up in a salesman's or psychological trick. But that doesn't matter. The decisive factor is whether you are basically easy to influence - or not. And there are some very good indications for that. The following six signs suggest that you are relatively immune to the efforts of manipulators ...

1. You know when to question something

Anyone who accepts everything and says “Yes and Amen” to every information or instruction is a godsend for manipulators. If, on the other hand, you question things critically, look for a reason or additional information, this is a strong sign that you are not being manipulated.

2. You know yourself and your own goals

The better you know yourself and your goals, the more likely you are to work towards achieving them. The advantage: you are less likely to fall for the manipulation attempts of your fellow human beings. Always keep in mind what YOU want to achieve, what YOUR strengths are and how YOU can use them. This will reduce the risk of using your energy to achieve the goals of others.

3. You stand by your own opinion

Self-awareness and mental independence are strong keys to not falling for manipulators. They often try to convince others with all kinds of rhetorical tricks. But if you are able to express your opinion and to represent it (provided that the opinion is tenable), you make life difficult for any manipulator.

4. You build intense relationships

A special form of manipulation is to play different people against each other. However, this only works if communication between those affected does not work properly. The deeper a relationship, the more likely it is that you will notice someone trying to take advantage of you or one of your friends.

5. You feel good

Nobody likes to be exploited and abused for other purposes. Anyone who regularly finds themselves in this situation usually reacts with stress, nervousness and inner restlessness as soon as they have the feeling that they could become another person's puppet again. It is therefore a simple but veritable sign that you will not be manipulated if you simply feel good and secure.

6. You see through trickery

People who want to manipulate others like to slip into a role. Mostly you play the self-sacrificing person, the good Samaritan, who is only there to help others and who aligns your entire existence accordingly. Behind this is an attempt at manipulation. The person wants to win your compassion and most importantly, your sympathy. Once she has achieved it, she takes advantage of both. People who just look

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