What is Sean Bean's best role

It all began in 1986 when the previous theater actor (including 'Trybald' in 'Romeo and Juliet') appeared in front of the camera for the first time. Bean starred in the film 'Caravaggio'. For him, that should be the start of a great TV career with the BBC before he appeared in blockbusters from the mid-90s. And in series, like in the production 'Scarlett' (1994), which opened doors for Sean Bean. Just a year later, Sean Bean was given the great honor of joining the James Bond family. At the time, word got around that the actor has a tendency to embody shady characters. In 'Goldeneye' he was given the role of the villain Alec Trevelyan, who had to deal with his adversary Pierce Brosnan alias 007.

That Sean Bean reached the top league of Hollywood actors is proven by his participation in well-known films such as 'The Legacy of the Knights Templar' or 'The Island'. Another milestone for Bean was the epic 'Troy', in which he made a monument to himself as Odysseus. Following this success, the Briton withdrew a little from the general public and concentrated again on the theater. Sean Bean was on stage for 'Macbeth' in London. However, in 2008 he followed the call of television and cinema again. From a remake of 'Robinson Crusoe' to the horror thriller 'Black Death', he presented his acting skills. His participation in the American cult series 'Game of Thrones' also caused enthusiasm among the audience. Bean appeared here as Eddard Stark in the first season.