How can I get math symbols in bold

TimeMen wrote:This assignment should be printed in bold. That should work like this in theory ?:
\ textbf {a = \ (\ in \ mathbb {N} \)}
(I hope I haven't forgotten a bracket!)
No, because text and math mode are treated differently. has no effect in math mode.
Hence also:

TimeMen wrote:However, only the "a =" is printed in bold in the document, and the two characters in the Math environment remain "thin".

TimeMen wrote: How does it work that the special characters are also printed in bold?

There are separate commands for the math mode, e.g. or from the package.
You can also put in front of the math mode, this switches to bold math font.

However, it is not clear to me why the equal sign and the element sign should be printed in bold. Also the sign of the Nat. Numbers is pretty much "bold", because bb stands for "blackboard BOLD".
I am also not aware of any bold sign for it. On, however, I found a trick that should symbolize a bold N.

Some commands require or require the mentioned bm package:
\ documentclass [12pt] {article} \ usepackage [english] {babel} \ usepackage [utf8] {inputenc} \ usepackage {amsmath, amssymb} \ usepackage {bm} \ begin {document} \ (\ bm {a} = \ in \ mathbb {N} \) \ par \ boldmath \ (a = \ in \ mathrm {I \! N} \) \ unboldmath \ end {document}

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