What do the Irish think about Croatia

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Official name:
Republic of Ireland
Irish, English
National holiday:
March 17th, St. Patrick's Day
Divided island

The Republic of Ireland is located on an island in the north-west of Great Britain. Ireland is a parliamentary democracy with a parliament elected for five years. At the head of the government is the Prime Minister, who is called "Taoiseach" in Ireland. A smaller part of the island in the north belongs to the United Kingdom and is called "Northern Ireland". The island was divided after the Irish and the English fought fierce battles for many years. Ireland became an independent state in 1922 and has been a member of the European Community since 1973. In 1993 Ireland was also a founding member of the European Union (EU).

Difference between rich and poor

There is also a special kind of division in Ireland itself, because the difference between rich and poor in the country is great. After joining the European Union, the economy took off. Traditionally poor Iceland had become a prosperous country. The country was hit hard by the financial crisis, and many people are far worse off today than they were before the crisis year 2008.

Lush green

Ireland is a green island with many lakes, rolling hills and lush pastureland. The Shannon, the longest river in Ireland, flows north to south. The grass grows so well in Ireland because it rains a lot there. Sun and clouds often alternate several times a day.

A people who love sports

The Irish are known to enjoy playing sports. The Irish ball sports "Gaelic Football" and "Hurling" are particularly popular. In contrast to soccer, in "Gaelic Football" the ball can also be played with the hand and hit the ground. "Hurling" is played with sticks and a ball. It's one of the fastest team sports in the world.

Irish pubs and Irish folk

The cozy Irish pubs, the "Irish Pubs", are very famous. There is the popular Irish beer "Guinness". There are even “Irish Pups” in Germany. Irish Folk, traditional Irish folk music with singing, is also famous. Typical instruments in Irish folk are for example violin, metal flute, bagpipes or accordion.