What does shawty 2

What does "Shawty" mean? Meaning and use


You are called "Shawty" by your loved ones and you don’t know what that means? We'll tell you what's behind the term and how you use it.

That means shawty: nickname like little one

The term "Shawty" is a modification of the English term "Shorty", which means "little one". It is used to express affection for a person, often someone shorter than the speaker.

Origin of Shawty

The term "Shawty" comes from the AAVE (African-American Vernacular-English), the Afro-American English, the US city of Atlanta. Derived from "Shorty", the term originally referred to mostly smaller women, as the term was largely used by men. However, "Shawty" was also generally used to refer to someone smaller.

Through hip-hop, the term spread in the early 2000s and eventually became known internationally. Similar to Bruh or Homie, "Shawty" became a nickname for friends and newbies.

This is how you use Shawty

You can use the expression "Shawty" or "Shorty" as a nickname for your friends and baes. The person does not necessarily have to be shorter than you for this, the term can also simply be used as an expression of affection.

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