What are the hidden benefits of smiling

Just smile! Why laughing makes us happier, healthier and more successful

Laughter is healthy - that much is clear. Laughing or grinning has an immediate effect on the immune system. Even if it is an artificial smile when you actually feel angry, frustrated or even sad inside. Our motto is therefore: laugh as much as you can, including at work, and you will soon be happier, healthier and more successful. How so? We would like to explain it to you.

1. Laughter stimulates the immune system
2. Humor makes everyday (professional) life easier
3. Fake smile - real effect: Even a cuckoo child makes you happy
4. Digression: The Facial Feedback Hypothesis
5. Laughing makes everyday working life easier - and more successful
6. Conclusion: A plea for more laughter and humor in (professional) life

Laughter stimulates the immune system

First and foremost is Laughing is good for both mental and physical health and thus naturally leads in the second step more efficiency and success in the job. If you laugh, you automatically relieve stress. The limbic system in the body is stimulated, happiness hormones are released and this even relieves pain. Laughing not only strengthens your immune system on a physical level, but also makes you feel happier, more relaxed and mentally stronger. On the one hand, this is due to the relaxation in the body that accompanies laughter, which also makes you feel much more relaxed mentally. On the other hand, the released happiness hormones "displace" their opponents, the stress hormones such as the famous cortisol.

Humor makes everyday (professional) life easier

Whoever manages to take stressful situations, setbacks or conflicts with humor and still a radiant smile on his face wearing it saves yourself a lot of suffering in life. Depression, anxiety disorders and burnout syndrome can be prevented preventively and also successfully treated in this way. So next time just smile to yourself instead of getting upset about your choleric boss, or read through funny jokes if your colleague is on the phone again loudly and gets on your nerves. Suddenly, apparently big problems are very small and you can devote your energy to the really important things in (work) life. On this way you can expect a completely new attitude towards life between serenity, inner calm, emotional stability and above all a lot more fun and joy. Just try it out with our office jokes!

Fake smile - real effect: even a cuckoo child makes you happy

We have more good news for you: even when you don't feel like laughing, you can still benefit from the positive effects a smile has on your mind and immune system. Scientists found that a fake laughter has the same effects on the body has like a real one. The smile presses on the corresponding nerves, which in turn trigger the release of happiness hormones. The effect is even more intense when the eyes "laugh along" too. The consequence: you feel happier and more relaxed. The mode of action also works the other way around and is based on the so-called "facial feedback hypothesis".

Excursus: the facial feedback hypothesis

The facial feedback hypothesis was developed in the 1980s and has since been examined, proven and supplemented by numerous scientific studies. It is based on the assumption that not only do the emotions of a person influence their facial movements, but that the movements themselves also have an influence on the feelings of the person concerned. That means, when you are happy, you smile. Conversely, when you smile, you automatically feel happier.

The same works with anger or resentment: Anyone who spends several minutes with knitted eyebrows or pinched mouths automatically lowers their mood. The scientists were able to find out, for example, that the same event is perceived more positively by visitors if they were encouraged to grin continuously while those with artificially drawn eyebrows rated it consistently more negatively.

A similar experiment was carried out using funny comics: the test subjects were asked to read them with a pen in their mouth and then rate them according to their wit. One test group held the pin between their teeth, which resulted in an artificial smile and activated the “Zygomaticus major” and “Risorius” muscles. The control group held the pencil with their lips and an automatically “pouting” facial expression, which activated the “corrugator” and “orbicularis oris” muscles. The result was hardly surprising: the smiling readers found the comics much more amusing than the sulking study participants.

Laughing makes everyday working life easier - and more successful

So the conclusion of our article should be: Always hold a pencil between your teeth when working! But since we don't want you to gain a reputation for being a complete idiot, nerd or just a clown in the office, we have put together some more subtle tips for you to inconspicuously integrate the smile into your working day:

  • Smile when you wake up and before getting up for at least 60 seconds continuously. You will start the day happier and your partner will certainly not hold it against you if you wake up every morning next to a “sun shrine”.
  • The way to work also has a lot of “smile potential”. When the traffic light is red again or you are stuck in a traffic jam like every morning or after work, switch on yours instead of getting excited Favorite music, dance a little and smile at the other drivers. You will certainly not only make yourself happy with it.
  • The same applies to work: if you start immediately every morning enter the office with a beaming smile, At the same time, you raise the mood of your colleagues. Lunch together during the break is also a great opportunity to laugh and share the latest jokes or anecdotes.
  • However, a smile is not always appropriate in everyday working life. So if the meeting is about a serious topic or your colleagues are stressed out in front of the PC, you shouldn't giggle to yourself all the time. How about then with a hidden smile when you rummage in the drawer under the desk? Going to the toilet is also the ideal opportunity for this.
  • When the phone rings, you should too lose weight with a bright smile. How so? Because this automatically makes you sound friendlier and your conversation partner perceives you as more likable. In this way, one or the other conflict or complaint can be defused directly by the customer and directed in a positive direction. And you are doing your health a favor in a very practical way.
  • Even in your free time, there is hardly a nicer activity than laughing. So find yourself a social environment that will make you smile and hobbies that you enjoy. We have a particularly effective idea for you: Laughter Yoga. The leisure activity, which may take some getting used to at the beginning, triggered a real hype a few years ago and is considered a real treat for body and mind.

Conclusion: A plea for more laughter and humor in (professional) life

Whoever wants to be happier, healthier and more successful has to laugh!

In a nutshell, our conclusion is: More laughter only brings advantages in your life, even if it is an artificial laugh. You will not only feel immediately happier, but you will also stay mentally and physically healthier in the long term. The employers would have to record fewer illness-related costs as a result, that The working atmosphere can only benefit from more humor and you personally become more relaxed, more productive and, in the long term, more successful in your professional life through smiling. And since we humans are different from in turn other humans with such a positive charisma If you feel magically drawn, you will automatically become more popular - at work as well as in private life. We could go on and on with the list of advantages of having more humor in (professional) life, but we are sure: you are already convinced! Try it out and smile several times a day for at least 60 seconds continuously, even - or especially then - when you really don't feel like laughing at all. We look forward to your testimonials in the comments.

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