Are there wholesalers for organic vegetables

Biohof Achleitner wholesale

Our organic farm

Our organic farm, which we have been cultivating according to organic guidelines since 1990, is located in a charming landscape on the edge of the Danube floodplains. On the fertile sandy soils of our fields, around 100 hectares of crispy salads and dewy root, cabbage and fruit vegetables thrive.

Healthy soil
In order to optimally supply our organically farmed soil with microorganisms, we only bring mature compost that we produce ourselves onto our fields. For composting according to the CMC process, we use our own vegetable waste, manure, earth and primary rock flour. A wide crop rotation maintains soil fertility, and green manure plants provide additional nutrients if required. Beneficial organisms and natural plant strengtheners, such as the garlic and onion extract we developed, keep our plants healthy.

Product variety
We strive for a rich variety of products. In addition to the usual types of vegetables, we also grow rare species such as catalogna, ornamental cabbage rarities, pineapple cherries and many more.

Set sustainable impulses
The further development of organic agriculture is a matter close to our hearts. That is why we work on research projects for organic farming and we are happy to pass on our knowledge.

Our vision of organic cultivation of all soils as a matter of course drives us and gives our work meaning.